KUKU FMLal Chand Bisu, Vinod Kumar Meena, and Vikas Goyal, the alumni of IIT Jodhpur founded a non-music audio platform called Kukufm in the year of 2018. Kuku FM is an Indian application, a Mumbai-based platform that redefines the way people listen to the traditional radio. With the rising popularity of Internet audio platform in India, Kukufm has established a niche for itself. It has given space to the vernacular languages’ content from different parts of our country to send a strong message of Inclusivity. This ‘Made in India’ platform shows the true spirit of unity in Diversity. The Platform works on the principle of democratizing the audio content provided in production, distribution, and marketing support to empower creators to reach to the last man standing. It helps to create a parallel discourse that is rare to find in the mainstream medium. With the expanding view of the audience, if we see, then Kuku FM is a pocket-friendly medium. Just an ordinary android phone fetch the purpose. To make the medium accessible among all the classes present in society, Kukufm comes with free of cost content for the listeners. Hence, shackling the boundaries of monitoring. Just a click away you are! Anywhere and anytime the listeners can enjoy a wide range of diverse audio content in Hindi, English, Marathi, Kannada, Bangla, and Gujarati. All the languages are enveloped in just one platform. No longer had the listeners have to wait to listen to what they wish for. This platform encompasses the audio content in the form of long-form audiobooks, podcasts, fictional and non-fictional stories, Quizzes, and News from around the globe. If we mention the genres then, the listeners have the options to choose from the basket of genres like- Motivational, self-help, love, education, exams, business, sports, religion, Horror, thriller, crime, and cinema. As the trend of content consumption is shifting, Kuku FM caters to its listeners by providing content that is diversified, valuable, informational, entertaining, and can be consumed as they multitask regular chores or are just on-the-go. It’s like fresh air in mundane life. We feel accomplished when we see our listeners happy with our cultural products. Hence, your support is our strength.


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