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Come Discover podcasts with us that you’ll love and subscribe and listen to all your favourite podcasts for free. We have come up with a list of best Indian podcasts to present before you. 

List of Some Best Indian Podcast to Cheer You Up

1. RJ Raunak and Bauaa Maze On Kaam Se Jee Nahi Churate

RJ Raunac Bauaa
Credits: The lallantop

It is a comedy podcast in which R J Raunak, popularly known as Baua, comes up with the idea of making pranks on call. In this podcast, Baua calls an unknown person and asks him the question kya koi kaam se jee chura sakta hai? And asks him this question on repeat till he gets irritated. Listen to how that person responded.

2. Bada Hua To Kya Hua

Saint Kabir
Credits: Dil se deshi

It is a self help podcast. This podcast is produced by Kabir ke Doha. Kabir is considered as one of the greatest poets in the history of India. His dohe taught us many precious lessons of life. In this doha he tells that no matter how much bigger the palm tree is, it cannot give any shade to travellers therefore always being big doesn’t matter but your kindness does. 

3. Dr. Vivek Bindra Part one Reservoir of Motivation

Dr. Vivek Bindra
Credits: Bada Business

This motivation podcast not only talks about self motivation, but about how to live life with a positive attitude. It is the host of the podcast Sharad who will ask a lot of questions to Dr. Vivek Bindra, who is a Motivational Speaker, Leadership Consultant and Business Coach also he is one of the successful entrepreneurs.

4. Mahabharat ki katha

Credits: Wikipedia

This is a religious podcast which will reveal many unknown and interesting facts before you. We get to learn many things from the history of our religion. This audio will tell you many important things related to the history of Hindutva. You may know that Dwarka did not participate in the Mahabharata war, but what you do not know is there was another state who did not participate in that war, so grab the opportunity to acquire knowledge about your religion. 

5. Totun

Horror Podcast
Credits: Morbidly Beautiful

It is a horror podcast about the Banerjee family who resides in Mumbai. In this horror podcast Subanto, the youngest member of the Banerjee family, talks with someone in his room and laughs with him but in reality there is nobody. This is one of the scariest stories on our platform.

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