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How to write a script for a podcast?

If you did not know there is not a lot of difference between radio and podcast. Creating podcasts is similar to making radio programs. The production process of the radio is very similar to the podcast. Many radio programs are spoken and recorded by watching pre-prepared scripts, while some radio jockeys simply think through the subject and can speak on that issue the entire time. If you are thinking of making a podcast, then this question must be bothering you, how will you make your podcast? Will you talk by looking at the script already prepared or will you speak without seeing anything for yourself. If you also have this question in your mind, then you will find the answer in this article, as well as you will also know how to write a great script for your podcast.

It is entirely up to you how you want to record your show. If you keep a good grip on your subject and understand that you do not need a script, then you can of course record without a script. Just make sure that you do not forget your content in the middle and do not get stuck somewhere. To avoid this, you should make small notes. And keep them with you during the recording so that if you start forgetting something, those notes will help you. But at the same time, it can happen that if one person is good at speaking, then the other person’s art of writing is good. In such a situation, taking the help of another person can also be a better option.

How to write a podcast script,

1. Write verbatim

Write the script of your podcast verbatim. Literally write it down word to word. Your script should be exactly what you want your podcast to be. This will allow your content to have a continuous flow. You will not get stuck anywhere and according to the scheduled time you will record your podcast completely. The listener will always like to listen to the content without a lot of speed bumps.

2.  Write the important things

Write the important things

You want the podcast to run fluently but you do not want it to be scripted, then there is a solution for this. Just make the points of the things you want to cover in your show and write some important things in between. This will also keep the flow in the podcast and it will not even feel that you are reading and speaking. This will make sure you do not miss anything from the flow.

3. Create a bullet point

If your podcast is of short duration then you can write a script for it. But if your podcast is half an hour, an hour, or more, then writing for the script will be challenging. For this, you divide your content into parts, and then make bullet points for each part. This will make it easier for you to run your show and you will not be distracted by the issue.

The script of your show depends on two things:

1. Your ability to speak

2. Format of your Podcast

1. Ability to speak

If you have good speaking skills and if you have a hold on your subject, you will not need a script. But if you shy away from talking and need a little push then a script can do just that. That is, we can say that the need of the script depends on your ability to speak.

2. Format of your Podcast

The format of your show also plays an important role in the script of your show. If you are making a talk show or anything out of the ordinary then you will not need a script. But if you are taking an interview or doing some other type of show that is of longer duration and will require more brainstorming, then you will have to write the script. Otherwise you may forget your point in the middle of the show and your show will deviate from the issue and go in some other direction. And it is possible that your show is not good and all the hard work is wasted.

So in conclusion, remember that a need for a script depends on your personal preference and experience. Once you figure out what works for you, we are sure you will prosper!


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