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How to win over the fear of public speaking?Public speaking means speaking in a group or in front of a group. Public speaking is more difficult than it sounds. Speaking is a genre that we have been learning since childhood. Generally speaking, anyone can learn, but not everyone has the art of speaking in a group. Have you ever seen a person speaking and thought that how he can speak so well and effectively? You must have been impressed by listening to someone’s speech or debate. Such people have won over this fear.

Public speaking is a kind of nervousness, which prevents a person from giving his hundred percent. Many people want to say something, and prepare a good blueprint for it in mind. But the fear of public speaking spoils all their preparations. They cannot speak anything and then they avoid trying again. Looking at more people, the thought of what people will say fills the mind and the person hesitates to speak.

If you want to create a podcast and you too fear the fear of public speaking, it can spoil the presentation of your podcast. While you are alone when making a podcast, thousands of people listen to that podcast. Many podcasts show come to live once in a day. If the format of your podcast is such, then it becomes very important to win over your fear of public speaking.

A good way to win over this fear is to know its causes and work on them. This will improve the performance of our podcast and will also help us in other aspects of life.

Some of the major reasons for fear of public speaking are:

1. Anxiety or nervousness

Public speaking is a common fear caused by over-thinking. When you think or worry excessively, you put yourself in a situation where you become a victim of anxiety and that anxiety soon becomes fear and sits inside you. The only way to overcome this is practice. The more you fearlessly practice the recording with confidence, the sooner this fear will disappear from your heart.

2. Panic

Sometimes you carry more burden on yourself to complete a task. You make yourself believe that you have to complete that work as soon as possible, no matter what happens. This situation is a state of panic. In this case, recording your podcast will not record well and will also sound bad. To avoid this, if you want, write a script and do the recording. Or sit quietly for a while before recording and convince yourself that you have full time for recording. You have to make a better recording at ease.

3. Habit

Many people have a habit of speaking fast. Seeing more content, he thinks that he should finish it by speaking quickly. But in such a situation, while listening to the recording, things will not be understood correctly. It is a bit difficult to improve the habit, but if you practice speaking slowly and all the time, your habit can improve, and your podcast recording can also be great.

Keeping these things in mind, you can get out of fear of public speaking. Just trust yourself and keep practicing. Soon you will get out of this fear.

When recording on Kuku FM, you will find that if there is any problem in the recording, then there will be options to correct it. But if your manner of speaking is impeccable, then your podcast will be much more attractive to listen to. And these tips will help you not only in podcasts but also in other areas of life.


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