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Promote your podcast using QR codes

We live in a digital age where most of the sending across content or even consuming it happens digitally. Be it, reading the news on your phone or being friends on social media by  QR codes on Snapchat. So, you guessed it right, promoting with QR codes is completely possible. Moreover, every creator needs to grasp every opportunity they get to promote their content in this competitive field.

Furthermore, this article will be discussing details on how you can inculcate promotion by using the QR code.

Using a QR code can simply be done between two parties if there are smartphones involved and let’s face it, all of us do! So, when QR code is scanned from one smartphone by the other, your podcast pops right up and is ready to sit back, enjoy, and be heard!

What is a QR code?


You may have seen QR (quick response) codes before. Marketers use them on food labels, signs, and business cards. They look like little black and white checkerboards, gone awry. It’s a unique symbol that your smartphone’s camera can read and translate into a web address. Most smartphones’ operating systems have this function in their camera’s software now. However, QR code reader apps are often free.

When you make promotional materials, such as stickers or business cards, you can include a QR code in your image or text. This way, not only do people have a tangible result of a conversation with you (the card or sticker), they can act on it easily. All they have to do is scan the QR code with their smartphone’s camera. A notification will pop up, saying, “These links to (your podcast website).

Include in conversations

This is one of the ways where you can sneakily make anyone or even make people aware of what you are up to. Simply, print out business cards with your QR code, and when anyone you come across asks you what you are up to, pop this out and ask them to scan it, and of course, you will be in charge to which podcast this leads to.

Moreover, this is a unique way that the people you come across will be intrigued to see. It will leave behind a mystery and will make total sense when they find time to wind down and listen.

Paint the town

It is always a good idea to market your content in every way possible, another way is that you can print out the QR codes on flyers and either put it up in café’s, book stores, music stores, etc. Wherever you feel that yes, this is a place which attracts creative minds who will be interested in my content, rip out the flyer and put it up!

Furthermore, make sure you add a summary or synopsis of what you can expect if you scan this QR code. You can either leave it a mystery, give any looker the summary, or outlay the topic.

Using Scanova QR Code generator for a demo, here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create an Audio QR Code:

1. Go to Scanova and sign-up for a 14-day free trial

2. From QR Code categories, select Audio QR Code

3. Next, click Upload File to upload the audio file that you want to encode in the QR Code

4. Once you upload the file, click Create QR Code

5. A window will pop-up prompting you to name and save the QR Code

6. Enter a name for the QR Code to be created and click Save

7. Next, you will see three QR Code design options on your screen—standard black-and-white, custom with logo, and custom with a background. You can proceed with either of the three options

8. Once your QR Code is ready, say after you’ve designed it, click Update and proceed to Download it

9. Again, a window will appear asking you to specify the QR Code image size and format

10. Once you specify the details asked, click Export

You can do this with any links or websites, which ultimately leads to your podcast. Also, make sure you make QR code for both IOS and android, as we have a fair distribution of devices used in India.

So make sure you use this path as well to market, good luck!


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