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Once you have created your podcast, the podcast needs to reach as many people as possible. When you create a podcast, a lot of people should listen to it. You make your podcast so that it can reach as many people as possible. We’ve talked a little bit about this before. But today we are going to talk about a very simple but still effective medium. We use social media every day but we still don’t know much about it. Many large generation people use it as a means of entertainment. They seldom know the benefits of social media and its effective use. That’s why today I am going to give you some tips on how to reach your podcast to more and more people using every social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Using these tips can make your podcast more popular.social media

1. Facebook – This social media format is simple and provides you with many features.

a. Create page –

You create a page for your podcast. Notice each component in it. Be sure to include your contact number and email. You can use many page related features like watching your page performance. You can make your podcast event. They can also connect with people by forming a group.

b. New Episode New Post-

You should post on Facebook about each of your new episodes in a very creative way. In this, you post differently according to the format of your podcast. For example, if you have a podcast of your stories, tell them a little bit and then ask them to visit your podcast for the rest of the time. Each time give something funny pictures, photos, or at least a thumbnail of your podcast. Pictures catch anyone’s attention faster than just reading the words. Don’t forget to include a link to your podcast.

c. Facebook Story-

Keep up the good content. The day you post, highlight it in the story, but keep posting something on other days as well. Like some thoughts or jokes or even your photos. It helps you connect with people and at the same time creates a positive image of you.

d. Facebook Live –

You can host another podcast live. This will make your podcast a little different and fun. You can also get to know people’s thoughts through comments.

2. Instagram – This social media medium helps you to advertise your podcast more creatively.

a. Image –

You can edit a photo or an image to match the theme of your podcast. Below you can find the date of publication of your podcast as well as the part of your podcast. Also, don’t forget to provide a link to your podcast.

b. Video-

Instagram allows you to post short videos. In it, you can insert thumbnails of your podcasts and create short audio of your podcasts like a trailer. Also, some videos can tell you the date of the episode of your podcast and its content.

c. Insta story –

You can post Insta Story for different events just like you post Facebook Story.

d. Shoutout –

It’s kind of like throwing a story but in it, you promote others without talking about yourself. Highlight the best reviews in the story section. Also, don’t forget to tag the person who commented or sent you a personal message. This little thing will connect people to you personally.

e. Hashtag (#hashtag) –

Don’t forget to include the appropriate hashtag in your Instagram and Facebook page posts. Provide a hashtag according to the topic of your episode. Which will make it more trendy. Give as many hashtags as there are related to a post.

f. Insta live-

Sometimes go live with your fans. Chat with them. Answer their questions. This will help increase your attachment.

3. Blog or website

It may be a difficult social media option but it is an equally effective social media option. It has different benefits. Moreover, you can monetize two places with the same content. In addition to what you say in the podcast, you can give it in return format. Affiliates can generate income. In this we will look at different websites and blogs.

a. Blog-

You can create a blog using two websites, WordPress and google blogger. Publishing a blog is free, but you have to pay for a domain name. Domain names make it easier for people to find you. But even with content in a free blog, you can reach a lot of people.

b. Website-

Websites are more complicated than blogs. But hosting a website on WordPress is a bit easier for you. You do not have to codify it. A little bit of Google will give you many options to host a website for free.


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