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How to prepare for an interview podcast?

Well if you are here, reading this article then it is safe to assume that you are looking at starting an interview podcast and are wondering about what lines it is supposed to be.

In this article, we will talk about how to prepare for an interview podcast. So, firstly you need to understand what subject you want to interview on because if you interview every second person you come across, there will be no continuity or regularity in your podcast. Hence, choose a base topic so that you can acquaint your audience to different sides of the spectrum of the same industry.

Getting into the preparation part of it

Do not ‘wing’ it

Yes, we admire your confidence and understand you know everything there is. But you need to have a structure, preparing will get a flow in your interview podcast. Where, you will be on the steering wheel, and are in control of where to steer it or what tangent to take it on. Which moreover, it will help you to avoid basic questions and not let your interview be like any other.

New Guests, Different approach

If you do have your topic for the interview podcast, then make sure you do not settle for anyone who holds the title. It is important that your listeners hear different experiences or a different approach to the same subject. Getting this factor right will ensure that your podcast will be entertaining and will not be repetitive.

Avoid the same basic introduction

If you take the liberty of researching the person you are interviewing, Firstly, you will find unique questions to ask them which will steer away from the mainstream conversation. Secondly, you can introduce them to the viewers, so with this, you can avoid the long introduction and also make it fun and interesting in your way. Lastly, introducing them, will put them at ease and act as a very good ice breaker, where they will tend to relax and have a natural course of the interview podcast.

Avoiding rehearsed lines

Whoever you are interviewing will be nervous on their end and will have a rigid set of answers. It is your job to put them at ease which will make both the parties less on the edge. So keep it simple at first, so that they get comfortable and then dive in with the other questions.

A fun opening

Ask them about different things at first, for example, the latest activity that they did which you can easily find and get some more information about from their social media. This will make it different and also have a fun side to the interview. Remember, interviews aren’t always supposed to be about answering technical or to the point questions.

Back and forth

Make sure you have questions that aren’t open-ended, where there will be a possibility of the person you are interviewing to go into a long monologue which will start to become unenjoyable. You can always ask parts of the questions to have the conversation go back and forth which will again bring structure and flow and also let you steer the conversation if you do not like it.

Ask for stories

podcast interview

This can be one of the easy but the most fun part of the interview, where the interviewee goes on to narrate some kind of relevant story which gives you an insight about the person and also gets an opportunity for a good laugh or lesson.

Awkward pauses

We can establish that pauses during a podcast are not very likable moreover when you cannot see the actual interview. So, it is recommended that you always let the person know your possible questions so that they can think of it and have an around the block answer. Doing this will avoid a mainstream answer, and will help him/her to answer that question uniquely.

In conclusion, an interview podcast can be steered by you and at the end of it, you need to make sure if the interview is intriguing for the listeners, moreover it is knowledgeable and delivers the purpose of enlightening people regarding the subject.


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