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How to make your podcast viral?

If you are making a podcast, then obviously you are not alone on this platform. Many artists like you are presenting their content on the podcast platform. In such a situation, your content should not be lost in that crowd, so your podcast must be different and have the potential to go viral from the rest of the podcasts. If your podcast is as common as the rest of the creators, then the number of listeners on your channel will be reduced and people will not like to follow you.

Let’s talk about how to get more crowd on your channel

Although the entire play in the podcast is your voice, the content is equally important. If you are giving the same content as the rest of the creators, then people will not listen to you as much.

What to do to make your podcast different from the rest of the podcast? How to make your content viral?

So let’s start,

1. It’s the beginning

If you spend the first few minutes of your content engaging, then the listener will likely stay on your podcast until the end and it will have good chances of it being viral. In the initial recording of each podcast, say something sweet or intriguing. Most podcasts show that the artist starts talking directly, and this is why new people are not able to connect with them more quickly. If you want to introduce yourself funnily at the beginning of the podcast, the listener will feel familiar with your channel or with you because of this.

2. Try to recap

Try to give your listener a recap, in the beginning, that is, tell them something about the previous podcast. If the listener likes your content, there is a good chance that he/she will listen to your previous podcast as well. By giving a recap, new listeners will feel more comfortable in understanding your point. If this trend is not seen in other podcasts yet, then this trick can make your podcast different.

3. The subject should be unique

The subject of your podcast plays the most important role in making your podcast viral in nature. Even if your subject is general, then try to talk about the nuances and untouched aspects of that general subject. Normally, the rest of the creators talk about the main points, but you should try and catch some points that no one has talked about till now or there is not much content on them.

4. Discuss the topic in-depth

Regardless of the subject you choose, try to give as much information as you can to your listener. Do a lot of research on your topic. Make short notes which can help it to go viral before recording the content, so that you do not leave out anything important. Also give some fun facts or facts related to your topic, so that your listener is not bored while listening to the podcast.

5. Excellent audio content

audio content/

No matter how hard you try before recording, if your audio quality is the same as the rest of the podcasts, your podcast will sound normal. So while recording, take special care of your voice and tone. Also, while recording, see that no external effects or noise ruin your audio. Make a fine tune of your choice at the beginning and end of the audio. And if you want in between, then use a sweet and light sound even in the background.

Keeping these things in mind, you can make your podcast viral and unique than usual. Apart from these things, the sound effects on KUKU FM can also make your podcast unique. All you have to do is use your creativity and you will become a successful podcast creator.


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