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How to make money through podcasts?

At the time YouTube and Facebook came to India, no one had imagined that these two would become a medium of earning. Initially, it was just a medium of entertainment. In today’s time, many celebrities are earning a lot of money and fame through YouTube, Facebook, and such mediums. YouTube has also given many people a great career opportunity. If you have the passion and your content is good, you can dip your feet anywhere, it will benefit you one day.

Talking about podcasts, this concept is still new in India and you can learn online how to earn money from podcasts. There has not been much time for it, so there is still a great demand for content and a good voice. If you are interested in podcasts at this time, then this may be the best time for you to kickstart. Because you can pull your listeners and the more listeners you have, the more it will open up the way for you. But also keep in mind that you will not start earning overnight. You will gradually start earning money and fame if you have good content. Sounds unbelievable, right? that you can learn how to earn money from podcasts online even by speaking, isn’t it fun! So let’s know-how?

Before starting a podcast, know if these aspects are evident in your podcast.
1. Content
2. Presentation
3. Public Relations

1. A Successful Podcast has Good Content

Before giving your time to the podcast, think once, can you keep the topic you are creating your podcast alive in the long run? Can you keep your talk fully on the issue to the people? Will people be interested in listening to you? The revenue from your podcast will depend on your content, so it is always necessary to keep it good and interesting to reach the maximum number of people.

2. Present Your Podcast Well

You must know what works for you and your audience. What does your listener like? Start improving your content accordingly. Certainly, there will be a better scenario for earning with your podcast if there are high listeners or followers on your profile. Give your podcast a good structure, choose the right format, and keep the listeners intrigued.

3. Promote your podcast

It doesn’t matter how good your podcast is if there is no one to listen to you. So keep promoting your podcast from time to time. Promote it more among your social media handles and your family/friends. Tell people about it and create the maximum audience for yourself. Known networking always leads to great results!

Ways to make money on podcasts:

Ways to make money on podcasts:

First, always remember: make a content that can sell

Many people today want to acquire more and more knowledge in less time and want to develop their skills. For those people who are busy at work but want to still stimulate and work on their skill, then you can make a podcast study material. You can create your podcast on language, law or any subject and put all the content on it with complete information. It will be very beneficial for the people and also for you.

1. Sponsor

Bringing sponsors can be very beneficial for your podcast, but they also ask for more time and effort. Anyone will give you sponsorship only when there is a large amount of crowd on your channel. Once you can reach people, then sponsors and advertisements will fetch you enough earnings to fend for yourself.

2. Review

If you review a book, item, service, or place, you can also receive brand endorsements. Once there is a good number of listeners, the people who make the goods or services may come to you. It will bring both fame and money to you. If you want, you can review whichever link you buy on your channel, you will also get a commission for it. This model is very similar to social media influencers’ models. By having good followers, you can also be one of India’s Podcast Influencers.

3. Selling services

You can sell a variety of services through podcasts. If you are creating an investment podcast, you can advertise for affiliate companies. Similarly, if you have a health podcast, you can earn money by advertising the services of an app or website in your podcast.

4. Affiliate Sales

This is a great way for you to make money from podcasts. You create podcasts on a variety of topics, depending on how many items you can sell, such as a summary of a book you recorded, a link from which people can buy the book online, and you can get paid from the website that sells it. There are many things like these that you can affiliate with.

5. Digital and Physical Products

You could potentially promote and sell software you use, e-books, online educational or other courses, services you create, or even physical products like books. You can sell your products as well as the products of others. Also if you review these books in the form of audiobooks, or any other items or services you will be able to make money through endorsement. If you maintain the quality content the listeners will not only listen to you, they start trusting you and thus you can influence them to buy these services or products.  

Kuku Fm follows a simple performance-based monetization policy. There is a very nice opportunity to financialize your podcasts. If you are fulfilling the minimum requirements of the Kuku Fm kalakar community, then you can use your podcast for monetization. KUKU FM not only connects you with the brand you need but also helps your podcast reach more people.

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