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How to include your listener in the podcast?

Your content receives its full worth only when a listener acknowledges it. Thereby it is proven that listeners and his choices are the key ingredients of a successful podcast. The content you work on day and night if that doesn’t receive an apt amount of recognition then that leaves a feeling of resentment within ourselves. So it is absolutely essential to include your listener in your podcast. Making him feel privileged and happy by offering the gesture of consideration.

Your listener holds to you and your content under two circumstances. One of your content is worthy of listening and second the feeling of respect you have for your listeners. So if you have magnetic content all you need to do is give respect to your listeners by making them a part of your podcast.

Now let us hop down to learn all the ways in which you can include your listener to your podcast.

1. Comment

The comment section of your podcast is one of the easy and direct means to connect yourself to your listeners. You can ask your listeners to use the comment section and give the review of your podcast, how did they feel about it?

In this way, you directly involve your listeners to your content and the listener feels privileged. You get mixed reviews some of which are beneficial and some are meant to be ignored. Those that are beneficial will help to understand your listener’s choice and thereby will help to improve your content. In this way, you grasp the interest of your listener and get a chance to polish your skills.

2. Shout Out

In this, you call out the name of your listener in your podcast according to the parameters set by you. How can this be done?

It is absolutely simple, you can ask your listeners to comment on your podcast, the best comment along with the name will be called out in the next podcast session. In this way, the listener will hear the entire content with extreme interest and will reach out to comment with utter enthusiasm. Or you can simply play a quiz and ask your listeners to answer in the comment section and the ones who answer it correct their names will be called out in the next podcast. In this way, you interestingly hold your listeners to your content. And even induce them to come for the next podcast.

3. Give Away/Lucky Draw

Lucky Draw

The amount of rich you are doesn’t matter, free gifts make us all equally happy. The feeling of getting something with minimal input grabs your interest in it. So is the procedure or give away.

You can simply ask your listeners to be consistent while reviewing the content. Listener which will comment and share the most will be offered by a gift as a token of love. Or simply if you are in a round of questionnaire then you can simply gift the listener who correctly answers first. In this way, your listeners remain connected and involved and such small gestures help in enhancing your listener’s count.

4. Social Media

One of the most trending platform to stay connected to your listeners is social media. You can create a podcast page of yours on any social media platform and be very active in posting and seeking suggestions from your listeners. In this way, you get a very transparent way to stay connected. This helps both the creator and listeners to be a touch close to each other.

And this further enhances the listener’s interest in your content and further enhances the listenership of your podcast.

So these were some of the key steps and points that you can follow to include your listener. Because that will help in increasing the count of your listeners as well as wise suggestions by your listeners will help in enhancing your content quality.


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