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How to deal with bad reviews?

With all the good things that come with podcasting, something which is inevitable in any field for that matter is negative/bad reviews or feedback. Moreover, it depends on the person on how they want to take up these reviews and utilize them in what way.


There are many ways someone can leave a bad review, but we can classify them in two broad categories, which is

  1. Constructive critique
  2. Being spiteful without a logical backing

So, in the article, we will go through various ways on how we can deal with bad reviews and make the most of it without being upset over it,


You can go about this in a few ways depending on the nature of the bad reviews if it is a personal remark where it goes beyond your content and is written just to get at you. You are always advised to report the comment or remove it.

But again if it is about the content, you can always reply to the comment in a civilized manner which will not only show others you are taking this comment with a pinch of salt but also it builds your personality in the way that you can be civil and not let your top off in situations.


There are various extents to which the bad reviews go, if it is only meant to put you down, you can always ignore these comments and not pay attention to them. Mostly, people do leave negative reviews to get a reaction out of it. So, make sure you choose where you would react and where you don’t need to interact with a listener of that sort.


We always recommend seeing the silver lining, if you can pick out lessons or facets you can take away from the comment and inculcate it in your podcast betterment it is always much healthier.


There always are people commenting on the things you know about; it is the kind of world we live in. So, make sure it doesn’t hinder your work and you keep putting out your work for your niche audience which will matter way more in the end than the negative ones

Ask for it

It is always recommended for you to get good/ bad reviews, so that you understand if your content is working, or are there various areas you can change in for the better. Asking for comments or reviews will even help you to promote your content as there will be an increase in engagement from the audience. Click here to see how comments can help you promote your content.

Look for commonalities

If you are receiving a lot of bad reviews for the same reason, you need to acknowledge the fact that there might be a reason behind it, so make sure you look into it and rectify it when you have the chance.

Various ways that you can do which won’t let you feel down about the reviews,

In the end we are humans with truckloads of emotions, so it is understandable if at a point it gets to us, so how do we recover from it? We cannot just give it up and hang our boots

So, the following ways can help you in humbling yourself or act as a reminder of why you started in the first place,

Praise Folder

It is a common tendency that we let the negativity bother us more than focus on the positives, so make sure you make yourself a praise folder. Where you go and read, on what people have to say for the same post.

Remember what is your focus

what is your focus

You need to ground yourself with the fact that you started this podcast based on the massive target audience you have, and it does not matter for the minute amount of people who don’t seem to like it. Take it as, that your content did not resonate with them, which is completely alright. You cannot dream to satisfy everyone; it is not possible.

In the end do remember there are various ways you can approach negativity and always choose the way which is healthy for you and in any way can benefit you.

Never give in and sulk, because achieving 100% is not a must, you create content for yourself and things which you stand by.

Have fun with what you do, and you will attract a crowd that is here to stay!


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