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How to create a great course on a podcast?

Sometimes we tell people that you can do a full course from a podcast, but often they wonder how can you create an entire course in a full audio format? And would people like such a lesson? But it is also important to provide content with a small target audience. Many job seekers prefer to do courses through podcasts in this way. Today we are going to guide you on what you need to do to make a great course and how to make your course more marketable.

1. Make sure of your audience first

As you’ve seen before, you need to have a targeted audience to make your podcast a success. Even when creating a lesson, it is important to keep in mind that the course you are creating is exactly for whom you are creating it. It only makes sense if the course is tailored to the needs of the people. Guess exactly what people want and then start building your lesson. You can choose from many topics like the stock market, English or any language, fitness, etc.

2. Simplicity

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. The first value of any teaching method is that you should be able to make it easy for your students. Similarly, your course should be very simple. The simpler and more interesting your course is, the more people will take it. Don’t be bored, talk to them like a friend, give them different examples. Take some inspirational episodes. This will make your audience like you more and their opinion about you more positively.

3. Time

Time is of the essence in the content of the course. If you provide content that is too long, your lesson will probably not be liked. So if you keep an episode of your course for a maximum of fifteen minutes, more and more people will like it. This will allow you to keep them connected to the course and at the same time save your course from being cluttered. If you are shortening the episodes of the lesson, you should also keep in mind exactly what and how much content of your episode should be included in it so that your audience can understand your content better at the same time.

4. The composition of the parts of the course

You should design the parts of the course as follows,

On the first day

a. Introduce yourself in the first part and explain why you have created this course. Let them know if you have any experience in that field.

b. Explain the content of the course and your planning in the second part.

c. Request to listen to the course in the third part as well as ask for their comments and feedback. And ask them to come back for another day and listen to your lesson.

The next day

a. Now imagine the content of the day in the first part of the day you want to start the main course and take a concept

b. Teach another concept in the second part.

c. Finish the third part and ask to like, comment, share and if there are any tasks or assignments along with it, give them.

5. Use of email blogs and websites

One very important point is that you may often have to give your audience some notes and assignments for your course. You can also use email blogs and websites to let your listeners know if there is a change in the planning of your podcast. Also, using it, you can take different suggestions about your course and make your podcast greater and greater. Also, if you can, you can create a blog or website for your lesson and post your lesson notes there. You can also advertise your course through blogs and websites.

6. Some famous and popular topics for making courses through podcasts

Online course

1. Stock Market

In this, you can explain different concepts related to the stock market. It can also explain different trading strategies.

2. Communication

In this, you can tell in written and oral how to communicate in different places like schools, colleges, etc.

3. Meditation and Yoga

4. Diet and health

5. Any language especially English

6. General Awareness for competitive exams

7. Acting

8. Investment

9. Music

10. Fortune tellers and astrologers

Courses are not limited to these subjects only, this list is just for your guidance. You can choose as many subjects as you like.


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