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How to create a cover for your podcastDo you know that we have observed 30% more clicks on audio if it has an eye-grabbing podcast cover?

Well why wouldn’t we, it is the first element that gravitates listeners into knowing more about your podcast. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to create a good podcast cover that you can present on your platform for the audience so that not only they know at first glance what this podcast is going to be about but moreover, it catches their attention and makes them want to click on it. A nice photo can help in differentiating your podcast from others.

So, in this article, you will know all you need about creating the aptest cover for your podcast cover. And how to increase your audience reach by using a creative image. Well, let’s get onto it!

For this tutorial, we will be using Canva to design your trademark. There are other apps or platforms available such as PicsArt.

How to design using Canva?

Choosing the right graphic designing tool/software

Use the right platform to create your cover. In this case, we have chosen Canva for its simple to use tools. Sign in on Canva and click on ‘Create Design’

Know your sizes

Choosing the right dimensions for your image is the most important step. It won’t be a masterpiece if your audience can see only half of it. On canvas, you have the option to choose a pre-existing template or customize your dimensions!
Tip: On Kuku FM it is ideal for you to choose dimensions of 720 x 720.

1. Creating a background for podcast cover

Moving onto creating the background, after you have selected the dimensions you are now ready to start working on the thumbnail. Now you come across 3 ways in creating this, either you use

a) Free Pictures:

Search for free pictures and use them. There are a lot of websites that provide free pictures. So make sure your images are noncopyrighted to avoid any legal issues.

b) Colors and their Mood:

Use a combination of effects/gradient to get the perfect color for the background. Remember to keep the mood of the story in mind. If your podcast is about love, then colors like red and pink would make more sense but if you are talking about a tragedy then colors like grey, blue would be more appropriate. To understand the colors and the mood they convey.

From the look of the covers below we can guess that 1st is based around love, 2nd is a sad story (because of the colors chosen) and 3rd appears to be a horror story or a thriller story.

Podcast coverColors and their Mood:Colors and their Mood:

c) Upload your own pictures:

you can upload pictures of your own! It is all up to your creative mind!

Tip- It will make your job easier if you choose a theme, for example, a specific color palette so that it is aesthetic

d) Add Elements/Icons:

It is time to add in your elements such as illustrations, icons, photos, etc. But, it is important for you to pay extra attention to the little details and formulate your entire elements that it goes hand in hand with your content as well as it is pleasing to the eye. Canva offers a wide range of elements that you can choose from, to build your masterpiece.

Tip- Keeping a clean and captivating image attracts the eye. Don’t bombard your cover with too many elements.

Moreover, Kuku finds it best if you try playing around with the brightness, contrast, and lighting to see what works best for you. Yet again, make sure the theme of the podcast is being conveyed.

e) Choosing the right fonts for your podcast cover:

Time to play around with fonts. We believe this is the most crucial part of building your podcast cover. So make sure you pay attention. Fonts need to be decided upon with utmost thought, as it is something that plays as the center of attraction to your podcast cover. The font should be readable and should not look messy, and of course, what do you use your fonts for? Your podcast name of course! We hope you get the importance of this step now.


a) Font should be readable
b) It should be short and simple
c) It has to contain a gist of your content and the credits due

Well yes, that sums up all the small and easy steps you need to abide by to make yourself an amazing podcast cover, and again it all depends upon your creativity.

Little elements in your podcast matter

Here at KUKU FM, we believe that your content should be an extension of yourself and everything that comes with it. If we keep in mind these little details of putting effort into the podcast cover, having a posting schedule, making the audio engaging: then there will be no one to stop you from reaching great heights in the podcasting world!

So what are you waiting for, switch on your creative minds, find yourself a seat, and start creating!

Also, we know that you must have liked the covers mentioned above so much that you can’t wait to hear them!

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