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How to batch record podcast episodes ? 

Every listener wants to listen to the content at a particular time. Whereas a creator wants that his/her content should be published as per their schedule. This means that the whole concept revolves around time. If you are a creator and you don’t have enough time for podcasting, then this article is for you. To prevent your podcast from lack of time or irregularity, you should batch record your podcast episodes.

Now you should know what is batch recording?

Batch means in group or bulk. Batch record means recording many episodes at a time. When a creator lacks time or resources, then he/she records the content in batch or bulk. This method helps in saving time and also it is cost-effective. But here, the point should be kept in mind that batch recording of podcast episodes is not for everyone.

Now we will know how to batch record podcast episodes.

1. Plan the episodes

The first step of batch recording is to plan the episodes. Before recording, make a list of the episodes you want to record. You can click here to know more about podcast script writing. Prepare the script of those episodes you want to record. It will also help you to record your podcast smoothly. Planning makes your time and efforts used in a productive and positive way.

If you think that you can go without a script, then maybe you are wrong. You may feel tired after continuously recording some episodes. Your mind can skip some points due to an overdose of information. To avoid this situation, make sure you do scripting. Along with this, keep in mind every important thing that is to be considered while recording.

2. Choose the alone time

To batch record podcast episodes, find out the time in which you are all alone. Recording requires a quiet and calm environment. When you are going to record for a long time, try to avoid external hindrances. Keep your friend, family, and phone aside for some time and focus solely on recording.

Recording in a quiet place gives a clear and clean effect to your audio. For such a situation, you have to choose the time that is all yours. In which, no one is there to disturb you or your recording. Try to record the podcast episodes at night if possible. For a better podcast, you being in a quiet place is necessary.

3. Maintain the speed

Because you are making many podcasts at a time, then you have to work at a good speed. Fix a target and start to work on it. Fix a time slot of one or one and a half hours to record one episode. Also, plan some time for rest and break too, but not too much. Be careful that your recording may not get affected by your speed. Your recording should be very clear.

The tone and speed of your recording should be very normal. But make sure you speedily do the extra work that is important. Be speedy in everything except recording and don’t waste time.

4. Editing should also be considered


Never forget the value of editing in the process of batch recording of your podcast episodes. When you are receiving many episodes at a time, then manage some time for their editing also. If you get some spare time between batch records, then utilize it on editing. If you are not able to steal time from recording, then just after finishing it you should immediately start editing. By this, you can make all possible changes and edits that you want to put in your recording. It can also improve your podcast episodes.

After following these steps, you can easily batch record the podcast episodes. Batch recording sounds so easy but it is not. It involves a lot of effort at one go but it also actually helps by saving your time. It also helps to avoid podfading. If you host your podcast on Kuku FM, then you will get a double benefit. You can get so many sound editing options at Kuku FM, and also there is very little chance of podfading here.


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