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How to avoid podfading?

If you are a podcast creator and stuck in any dilemma regarding your podcast, then this article is for you. Even in the slightest touch of podcasting, you must have heard about the term “podfading”. If it seems like a new term, then worry not. In this article, we will learn about podfading and how to avoid it.

What is podfading?

You may have noticed that some podcasts start to release content less frequently and eventually stop uploading any. This situation from less to none is known as podfading. Podfading can occur for so many reasons. But the real question is, “how can one avoid podfading”?

A creator never thinks of eventually shutting his podcast down when he/she starts to create it. But some problems come along with time by which, releasing of podcasts is affected. The podcast shows start to come late initially and suddenly stop. This situation is known as podfading. Here are some tips to protect your podcast from being pod faded.

1. Make a list of expected topics

The deficiency of topics is quite a common reason for podfading. To protect your podcast from being affected by this factor, make a list of expected topics that you can include in your podcast. First, note every aspect, subject, and facts on the basis of which you can create your next episode. Always keep an eye open for new topics. Look around and find new topics for your podcast. It is always advisable to have a bank of 5 to 7 episodes with you before launching your podcast. In this way, you don’t have to skip your release in case of any changes in your recording schedule or any other hurdles.

2. Change the format

By working in the same kind of format, a kind of monotonous environment takes place. By which, a creator limits his own creativity. Try to change the format or some elements of your audio to bring back your and your audience’s interest. By this, your listeners will also get to hear something new, and you will also enjoy doing work by a new method.

3. Search the content

A creator should be in search of content every time. Try to search the content related to your podcast everywhere. Go through the space around you and try to find a good topic for your podcast. You can get content in anything you observe. Always try to find at least something relative to your podcast.

4. Be positive

 Be positive/ सकारात्मक रहें

Sometimes any negative comment, feedback, or thought can demotivate you. Try to stay away from negativity. If you want to know how to deal with bad comments and reviews, click here. Try to stay positive during and after your podcast. Positivity is the key to any kind of success. Never let negativity lead your mind.

5. Planning

Any work in a directionless manner doesn’t go too far. To avoid podfading, plan your podcast. Make a list that tells you how many podcasts you can create in a specific time. Update it from time to time based on audience response and things happening around you. Work according to your plan. This will help you with podfading.

6. Keep realistic hopes

We often expect much more from our work than we should. Eventually, these expectations lead us to negativity and we eventually lose motivation. To avoid podfading, never expect too much from your podcast. When you expect less and get comparatively more, it gives you satisfaction and happiness. This helps to motivate you for doing much better. You also get strength and positive approach towards your work. That’s why minimizing your expectations and hopes as much as you can.

7. Try to avoid mistakes

Overconfidence is also a key to podfading. If you think that your work is perfect in every manner, then this is your misunderstanding. Try to accept and take them in a constructive manner. Try to find out the loopholes in your podcast and fix them. By this, your podcast will improve day by day. More and more listeners will connect to you on a regular basis.

Apart from these tips, try to listen to other podcasts. It will help you to find out the weak points of your podcast. You will also find the points and areas, which can be improved. The areas that require your attention and hard work will eventually lead you to become successful. And also, try to listen to all the podcasts similar to your genre available on Kuku FM. It will help you to find direction for your podcast. Never lose hope and always be positive. Kuku FM is always with you.


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