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 First 5 episodes of podcasts

Beginnings are always hard but once you get a grip of it, things turn easy. Similar is the case with podcasting, initially, it might appear challenging but it turns easy and interesting when you get skilled over it. Podcasting is not that difficult as it appears to be. Rather it turns easy and interesting when you give a proper input. In order to make your journey of podcasting interesting, it is essential to keep 5 points in mind while creating the first 5 posts of podcasts.

The topic is the soul of Podcast

The most important and most crucial part of your podcast is its topic.

To create a successful podcast that carries its worth for long, you need to choose the right topic. If you begin with a topic that is not enthusiastic then eventually it will turn difficult to create even 5 consecutive content on it.

In order to judge whether the topic chosen by you is right or not, simply think can you carry your podcast on the same without losing your enthusiasm for the First 5 episodes of podcasts. And if the answer is yes, the topic gains a thumbs up.

It is absolutely essential that the podcaster feels his content because that will help him in delivering an enthusiastic podcast and that will eventually help the podcaster to attract his/her listener.

Time Is Money

”Time is money” and we all agree to it. If you are an efficient time manager, work you do turns interesting and self-driven. So before launching your podcast just analyze the time required by you to create the First 5 episodes of podcasts. Create a well-designed plan before beginning, divide the time as per the requirement and begin.

For eg.

The first week: Begin with your research work and begin practicing.

Second Week: Based on your research, and knowledge you must now be confident in what you will talk about. But before someone listens to your podcast they look at the image and the title associated with it. Ensure that both of these are aligned with your podcast

Third Week: Set up or go to a dedicated place and start recording

This time distribution should not limit up to your notes. Rather it should be as effective as you believed it to be while deciding. To manage your time because that will help you to give fantastic first 5 episodes of podcasts

Weave words to create something magical

Words have the power to construct a beautiful world and simultaneously comprise the power to destroy it. So choose your words while you podcast. Your words should have the power to hold the listener. That does not mean creating a fairytale. Instead, be realistic, add real-life experiences or some examples that enhance your speech and make it worth believing.

Don’t lose hope

We get a reality check once we enter the world and say hello. Yes! It is true when you launch your work there are ample of people with a variety of thoughts waiting to judge your work. If you are beginner things are a bit tough, you don’t receive the appreciation you expected after working so hard. The only key to resolve this problem is to stay patient, accept the positive comments, respect the negative ones, try to improve, and keep working. Because eventually, you will receive recognition, so stay positive.

Do not fear the change

Change is part of one’s life. Always remember, your podcast is your forte. You can work on it as much as you want. It might take time but will end up being fruitful. The time you hear your recording once you have completed it. And you feel like making necessary changes then don’t step back. Instead, calm down and begin with it. Because that is how you will end up creating better content.

So these were some of the key pieces of advice that one should follow and keep in mind before beginning and while creating the First 5 episodes of podcasts. Because it will eventually help in peacefully creating a better podcast.


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