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Common mistakes while making a podcastMistakes are part and parcel of everyone’s life. But some mistakes that have the potency to hinder our career are not affordable. Talking of podcast creation, it is overall an easy process but sometimes our ignorance leads to some such mistakes that degrade the listenership of our content. And that eventually acts as a barrier towards monetization of the hard work you do.

In order to get rid of those common mistakes that we might make, it is absolutely essential to stay attentive and enthusiastic during the entire process of podcast creation. And to ease your work, below mentioned is the list of the common mistakes that creators make either knowingly or unknowingly while creating a podcast.

1. Lack of practice

From the times immemorial we have been hearing of a quotation that says “Practice makes a man perfect.” And this is not just a quotation, it is a fact imbibing which leads to a successful version of you.

The practice is one of the most underrated sections of podcast creation. And the creators who are less active in practicing their content, gradually create a podcast that is not the worth of the amount of time they put in. Let me tell you, speaking while your podcast and talking, in general, have a great difference, so it becomes essential to practice your podcast at least twice a day for better results. And once you create your content it is essential to hear it and make an unbiased analysis and work upon the necessary changes.

2. Clarity of topic

This mistake is generally committed by a new podcaster. Because in the initial phase it is not possible to work like a pro. To become that professional requires time and an immense amount of practice.

The solution to this problem is in finding its originator. And the key reason for such mistakes is an imbalance of content, both lack or excess leads to content that gets carried away by the creator. So to control this try writing a script before podcasting or get your points collected on a single page and before creating your script research your topic well. Because that will help you to stay on track and not get distracted.

3. Copying      podcast creation

This is the mistake that most of the creators do in order to receive quick success. But the harsh truth is that copying will never lead to the kind of recognition you always wanted to have.

To create a successful podcast it is absolutely necessary to hear a few successful podcasters because that helps in creating a framework for podcasting. But that does not mean copying them. In order to enhance the listenership of your podcast, you need to be creative and original. Learning from others is an optimistic step towards enhancement but copying them is an act of degradation.

4. Irregular content

Along with the quality of content, punctuality of its recurrence matters. Creators work hard in podcast creation but at some point or other they lack in publishing their content and that disheartens the listener.

Such mistakes do occur due to multiple reasons be it lack of enthusiasm, any emergency situation, or lack of resources. So in order to overcome this be a step ahead. Always keep a buffer topic with you, so if you somehow get stuck and you are unable to create a podcast, publish the content you have with you. That helps you in being punctual with publishing. So just keep this in mind.

5. Promotion


A content gets no recognition if a creator does not work to make his/her content get recognized. You can not stop by promoting your podcast once. You need to work continuously and promote it regularly on various social media platforms to enhance the listenership. And eventually enhanced listenership will give you the satisfaction you always wanted to achieve.

So these were some of the common mistakes that creators make while podcasting creation. To be successful it is necessary to overcome these, and once you get used to not committing mistakes like these than with graduating time you and your work pop up like a pro.


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