Shrimad Bhagwat is the divine exploratory discussion of Lord Shri Krishna regarding the realisation of the ultimate divine consciousness through self discovery. Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta holds 12 wings (Skandha), 335 chapters and 28000 verses. It is also known as  Bhagavatam which is a great holy-write of immense knowledge and faith that provides peace to its readers. Shri Krishna’s divine, supernatural form has been repeatedly described in this holy book.

Bhagavad Gita
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The Phenomenal unshakeable devotion of the Devotee to Lord Krishna comes to light through this scripture. For purification and enrichment of mind, there is no other means higher than this. The Bhagwat Katha is the answer to correct all the wrongs in this Kalyug. Just the recitation of Bhagavatam is so powerful, that it lets the God enter our heart to remain there forever .

Bhagwatam’s teachings if modeled into life will let us manifest our thoughts into reality!

If we do not concentrate in our spiritual endeavors then  we will not be able to achieve the goal that we desired .It is important that we hold this realisation close to our heart especially in this era of  Kaliyug because, in this era this has become a trend where we only listen to the lord’s tale but do not pay attention to its learning, do not follow it in depth, hence it is not strongly perceived  by us, and thus  our efforts  go in vain. It is just like the potential knowledge which is never realised as it is not acquired in a proper way. It is just like the prayer in which is half hearted and of weak trust nature which goes in vain.

Bhagwat Katha describes a  beautiful formula to be successful on the path that leads us to the Lord through the tale of Sri Gokaranji and Dhundhukari.It beautifully describes the importance of Satgun (Good deeds) which bring us closer to the Almighty and therefore we must try to incorporate more Satgun in our lives.

Importance of Satgun (Good deeds):

Those people whose main quality is Satgun, they use their body as a means to cross this worldly sea and meet their creator.They do not waste their time in criticizing others nor become judges of others character. Satguni people spend their life in worshiping GOD in order to realise him in his nirguna avatar. Hence, crossing the worldly sea. It is the one and only powerful source to free themselves from the cycle of rebirth and trap of 840 million species. On the other hand, those people whose main behavior is Rajogun (mediocre deeds) or Tamogun (evil deeds),they worship GOD for the wish of money, fame, children and other materialistic things and hence, engage their entire life in achieving them.

Bhagavad Katha in Hindi audio
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Bhagawatam makes us realise that all the three qualities can be found in every creature. It is the need to associate yourself with Bhagavatam teachings and practice them  because only such practice will increase our Satgun which is  capable of freeing us from the worldly sea and hence, the cycles of rebirth, making us attain Moksha.

To know more about the significance, and relevance of Geeta, listen to Bhagavad Katha and attain solace, peace and focus. You can listen to the audio anywhere and anytime as per your suitability. Indeed, the Bhagwat Katha in Hindi audio will be a solution to each of your problems and an answer to all life hack queries. 


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