Best places to visit in Mumbai at night

Mumbai, a city that never sleeps and ensures that you don’t either, has some very dazzling places to offer and make anybody fall for it. The best thing about the nightlife in this city is that it has a lot of variety to offer, which suits everybody’s taste. It varies from luxurious rooftop bars where one can see the whole and the Arabian sea, for all the foodies some amazing food joints, and the peaceful beaches where you can spend your night by counting the stars. The streets of Mumbai have a lot to offer you and the list starts from here:

  • Marine Drive

This place is the perfect example of the saying that this city never sleeps. It doesn’t matter whether you are with your family, your friends or even alone, it is the perfect place to visit after midnight or even after. From vendors selling boost milk, chai, and bhuttas, with soaking into the views of the queen’s necklace as the place is called and the and the beautiful view of the rising sun and the early rising people who come there for the morning walk, this place never gets to take rest. You can listen to your favorite music here while sitting alone, or you get your guitar and make people move on your beats.                  at night 

  • Juhu Chowpatty

The most popular places of Mumbai which the outsiders are aware of consists of Juhu Chowpatty as well, it is most famous because a lot of film stars live around here including the Veteran Actor of Bollywood Mr. Bachchan. This place is best to visit during the time of the sunset, trust me it will be on the most beautiful, amazing and perfect sunset of your lives, this place takes care of all your needs, you don’t even have to move an inch from your place and can enjoy having your dinner at the seashore if you love street food then trust me this is your place to go. You will get a lot of varieties including pani puri, pav bhaji, chuski, etc.

  • Bade Miya in Colaba

If you are a connoisseur of the non- vegetarian food, then this is the place for you. It also sells a good amount of vegetarian food but imagine walking on the streets of Mumbai at night and having the best tikkas and kebabs as your dinner, if not this then what is the definition of heaven for you.

  • Trilogy in Juhu

You must have heard about the party scenes of Mumbai a gazillion times and why wouldn’t you? It is so amazing. So, this nightclub is very much hyped and yet one of the best nightclubs in Mumbai. The wooden bar, red couches, and a throbbing dance floor are some of the popular attractions of this club.    at night              at night 

  • AER in four seasons hotel, Worli

If you are a gourmet food lover, you can always hit this place, it is situated on the 34th floor of the four seasons hotel. It is the best and the poshest place in the city of Mumbai to have a fancy dinner and an amazing view of this beautiful city.

  • Toto’s Garage in Bandra

The name of this place sounds weird, but this is one of the best dance clubs in Mumbai if you are looking for a place that does not create a hole in your pocket. As the name of the place suggests it is decorated in the style of a garage. With a DJ playing music in a Maruti van. It is the best place for the singles to check out.                              at night 

  • Live music at Blue Frog in Lower Parel

If you are an aficionado of music then you should definitely visit this place, this place has changed the concept of live music, and there is no comparison for it. It is a place for celebrities like Lucky Ali, Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, etc., who come here very often to perform. It is designed in the shape of an eggshell with modern LED lights.

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