With evolving technology, we evolve our thinking too, and continuously strive to bring something new, this  is seen in every field. In the same way, the broadcasting realm has come up with an incredible idea, known as podcasting. Art of expressing, through orating when mixed with technology gives the most creative method to give people content. Vastness of the topics which podcasts cover cannot be measured.

Indian English Podcasts give you relevant information about thighs like how to maintain fitness, it is a best alternative when you cannot think of a good song to listen to, it becomes a storyteller, for the genre you like, and sometimes turn into a match commentator. You can get the best collection of English podcasts on Kuku FM.  It takes care of your conveyance, by segregating English Podcasts into different genres, for example if you want something for kids, you can click on the podcast, then on kids option and your screen will be full with English podcasts for kids. Likewise, Indian English Podcasts cover topics right from Astrology to erotica.

Below given are the four best Indian English podcasts, which you can easily access on our platfprm. 

How to get whatever you want

How to Get What Ever You Want: Indian English Podcast
credit- Goodreads

Among some of the best motivational podcasts we have ‘How To Get Whatever You Want’. This podcast based on a book written by Mr. M.R. Kopmeyer, America’s success counselor. It elaborates on essentials to gain success. It is an episodic podcast, including chapters named You Were Born To Succeed,  This one’s for you, How to get whatever you want, Know WHAT you want etc. you can know how to start your journey toward success. What all things you need to follow without which you cannot achieve. Help yourself in attaining your goal by listening to such motivational podcasts on Kuku FM.

Bhagwat Geeta

Bhagavad Gita
credit- Picasa

Bhagwat Geeta,  originally written in Sanskrit, and is very important to be read by someone who follows Hinduism. Bhagwat Geeta helps you make important decisions in life and to walk on the path of righteousness. Reading Bhagwat Geeta may be time consuming, and hard to understand. So here, in the podcast on Bhagwat Geeta in English is easily accessible in just one click.

Advertising is Dead-

This podcast is narrated by someone known to all sports enthusiasts. Advertising Is Dead is an episodic series narrated by Gaurav Kapur. This series will take back so many memorable moments of the past. Advertising is Dead is a delight for all the sports enthusiasts to listen to. Gaurav Kapur is a TV presenter and we have seen him on TV especially during IPL, or international cricket series and his shows are must for sports enthusiasts to watch or listen. It is an English Podcast available for free downloads. 

Not A Movie Review

Not A Movie Review
credit- Film Companion

Not A Movie Review, is an episodic series, where each and every movie is analysed. characters in the movie, role played by them, plot of the movie, direction, songs, choreography everything is discussed in detail. Podcasts on latest movies such as Laxmi Bomb, are also available at our platform. Listen to the postmortem of movies and see what is inside it.


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