Listen to this audiobook on current affairs. Listening to such audiobooks will help you retain information efficiently. To gain knowledge and information on unknown facts keep your ears open to let knowledge enter from all directions. Give a try to this current affair audiobooks and help yourself by learning current affairs. 

ग्रामीण समाज और संचार: बदलते आयाम

This book is a collectible compilation of scholarly research articles presented under the National Seminar on Rural Society and Communication: Changing Dimensions held on 15-16 January, 2016 at Kasturbagram Rural Institute, Kasturbagram, Indore. Which will definitely prove useful in the form of a book for the students and researchers of the media world as well as for the scholars of various subjects. The Voiceover Artist of this audiobook is RJ Manish and the Author is Dr. Nirmala Singh.


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