It is imbibed in the very true nature of humans that it wants to know everything about what is happening around him! Criminal acts only ruin the quality of human life but also creates an insecure environment.

Crime against women, children are touching new highs and even the crime against men which had always been put under blankets in the past days has got the voice with the podcasts. The soundbites in the criminal podcasts bring out the hard-core, brutal forensic explanation about the thought-provoking insights that allow a person to commit homicide, rape, abuse, murder, thefts or any other act. We have a collection of crime podcasts that are mysterious, thought-provoking and intriguing.

Podcasts allow everyone to share their opinions and experience. It is an empowering tool that reaches billions through voice. Here we have jotted down the best 5 podcasts that you must listen to. You should also be aware of the psyche that encourages a person to become a criminal.

Best 5 Crime Podcasts to Binge-Listen To Are-

  1. Crime Tak

Crime Tak dives deep into the hidden gates of criminal activities. It put forth the real face of society and the corrupt intentions masked behind the happy faces. With the truest conviction the podcasts bring out the darkest, creepiest, and heinous acts that are hard-to-believe but happening in your vicinity. Nothing else seems to fuel the adrenaline rush like the twists and turns happening in a plot of crime stories.

2) Naye Bharat Ka Anokha Andolan

This podcast redefines the meaning of crime. It says that It is a crime to suppress others’ voices, curbing others’ right to speak, take the disadvantage of others, not helping those who are in need. This podcast brings for the unavoidable change that no might and force can stop. No authority in the country has the right to curb the voices that need to be heard. The revolution starts here and will reach its result here only!

3) The Binge Watcher: Review On Nail Polish | Zee5

This podcast in Hindi is review-based. Here the podcaster tells the personal opinion about the movie or shows that are aired on OTT or other traditional media. Here in this, you get the review of the courtroom drama Nail Polish. The movie is available on Zee5. And the story of the movie revolves around the brutal killings and burning of 36 children in and around Lucknow. This continues for five years, without anyone being charged on this. From here begins the courtroom drama.

4) The Binge Watcher: Review On Back Widows | Zee5

In this podcast, you will listen to the movie review of the Zee5 series which is again a crime-thriller. And, shows how 3 women plan the murder of their abusive husbands. When an Inspector assigned to their case, I come out that the murder had more secrets to it. The review will help you understand whether you should go for the series or not!

5) The Binge Watcher: Review On The Gone Game | Voot

Here you get the review of The Gone Game that is available on Voot. But, before you kill your time watching it, it is better to get an opinion on this. To shed some light on the plot then it is the story of Sahil Gujra who disappeared mysteriously. His family is dubious about his health. They think he is a covid-19 patient but later they discover that his death was far more sinister. This is a thriller-cum crime that will be revealed in this podcast.


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