Podcasts are a great way to cut down the screen time for kids. They will help your child to learn new words and can help them to polish their vocabulary. Your child can listen to whatever s/he wants. We have historical stories during bedtime stories in our collection. Your child too can relish the stories which were part of your childhood. Yes! You guessed it right! Stories of Panchtantra, Akbar and Birbal, and Tenali Raman. These characters have been an indispensable part of our childhood. Your child can enjoy the old tales which have been transferred from generation to generation.

So, here are the best 14 kids podcasts- 

1. Gyani Chor aur Pagla Khan

This Podcast in Hindi helps kids connect with the stories which have a backdrop of Indian History. Kids will not only learn more about their cultural history and various anecdotes related to them but also it will instill in them moral values and acceptance for their tradition.

2. Josh ke Saath

This Hindi Podcast is created by Josh and  Deepti who are well known for writing some amazing kids podcasts wherein they bring a range of stories with multitude of emotional learning as well as moral building. Such Podcasts will help a kid to imbibe good manners in them and be alert of the situations they are put in.

3. Stories for Kids

This amazing podcast in Hindi shall be a favourite of all the Kids who will love listening to stories with infotainment. This will not only help a kid become more aware of the surroundings but also of oneself and what one wants to achieve in life.

4. Ishwari ji ki kahaniyaan

This Podcast in Hindi answers the day to day related queries of children and helps them learn various aspects of life in the form of stories. It exposes them to a world that they will be a part of after a few years and help them better prepare themselves.

5.  Shekhchilli Story 

In this podcast in Hindi, you will get to hear a lot of stories related to Shekh Chilli. He has been described as a Man who spoke too much and used to get engulfed  into the mess created by him.  It’s a fun podcast to hear with moral values to be learnt by Kids. It will really tickle their funny bone!

6. Ori Meri Lori

In this podcast in Hindi, It is a collection of various poems for Kids which will not only entertain them but also help them in sleeping and doing other chores of theirs. It is a very good collection of poems created by Pragya Mishra. They need to learn and get entertained at the same time. So to give the kids a complete experience of infotainment and fun, Kids will be able to  emotionally connect with the audio more when it is in their language.

7. Panchtantra ki kahaniyan

This Hindi Podcast comprises moral stories of Panchtantra for Kids. Panchtantra is an ancient collection of animal fables which is arranged within a frame story. One can get the best Hindi story collection at one place. These fables will leave an indelible imprint on a child’s mind and develop their subconscious mind.

8. Bahadur Burli 

This Hindi podcast tells the story of a girl stuck in the jungle and who faces the tiger alone. This story is of fear, bravery and courage! This podcast will inspire kids and instill in them the feeling of putting others before themselves and how to control their emotions rather than emotions controlling them.

9. Kids Moral Stories and Indian History 

Moral values are very important to be inculcated among the Kids to help them become a better human being. This Hindi podcast comprises various stories related to our Indian Culture which will not only make the child close to its Indian roots but also inculcate in them the deep rooted morals in them.

10. The Arabian Nights 

The Arabian Nights in Hindi is a Hindi podcast  created by Literature Guru – Shaifali for Kids. Literature Guru – Shaifali is well known for its education podcasts. This Arabian Nights podcast entails various stories of Arabia with moral and suspense included in it. Kids will not only learn various nuances of the Middle East but will be introduced to a whole lot of different worlds which heighten their imagination ability.

11.  Parvarish ki Pariksha

Parvarish ki Pariksha is a  Hindi podcast by RJ Ridhdi which  is a compilation of various tricks and tips to become a better parent to your child. This will help the parents to better understand the child and accordingly apply various methods and applications in raising an emotionally balanced child. 

12. Akbar- Birbal ki kahaniyaan

Every Child in his/her childhood wants to listen to the stories of Akbar – Birbal. This hindi podcast of Akbar- Birbal ki kahaniyan will not only entertain kids with laughter and joy but also will fill their minds with enlightenment and wisdom.

13.  Shiksha par baat

This Hindi podcast is one of its kind podcasts where the kids will realise the importance of Education and the variety of ways in which education can be imparted to the kids. This podcast will not only help a kid but his/her parents to evolve as better guardians to their kids 

Tenaliram ki kahaniyan is a Hindi podcast regarding the amazing deeds of Tenali Raman who is an advisor to the King Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagar. He is a court poet who uses his wits to sharply solve the complex matters of the court quickly. This podcast will help kids to reconnect with their grandparents and their storytelling. The kids will not only learn the message after each story but also will learn the importance of Character building.


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