We all know that preparing for exams can be so mentally challenging and Physically tiring! If the right guidance and corrective steps are provided then surely a person can achieve success in the examinations! 

Listening to thought provoking educational podcasts and insights shared on the basis of opinions can really help a person to overcome fears related to examinations and come out with flying colors!

Educational Podcasts allow everyone to share their opinions and experience. It is an empowering tool that reaches billions through voice. Here we have jotted down the best 5 podcasts that you must listen to. You should also be aware of the psyche required for facing the challenging times and come as a winner in examinations!

  1. Psychology

This Podcast in Hindi clearly describes the nuances of our mind and its workings. This Podcast in Hindi by Dr. Jordan Peterson who is a Clinical Psychologist and the author of Maps of Meaning and 12 Rules for Life,  helps us discover life and now its 3 biggest meanings. Peterson has introduced millions of people to the profound ideas of greatest thinkers like Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, and Jung which have helped them further to enrich their lives.

  1. Stutee’s Book club

If you are a book lover and want to know rave reviews of the book you love and how to go about reading it then this podcast is for you. In this podcast in Hindi you will listen to stutee catching up with famous authors and knowing more about their book, what inspired them to write and what is the gist of the book!

  1. Raah

 Raah is a famous podcast in Hindi where one will get to know various career options and how to pursue them! In this Podcast, it is talked about how to shape up a career if you decide to pursue one! What all is meant to be given in the process and how the results can be procured as per your requirement ! It also tells how to deal with failures as well! 

  1. Interviews 
PC – Dice Insights

This podcast in Hindi equips you with all the do’s and don’ts of appearing in the interview! It emphasizes on “How to improve your communication skills’ ‘ and  discusses how to be a master at interviews and get the best out of the preparation you have done for the examinations followed by the Interview!

  1. Meri Safalta ka mantra

This Hindi Podcast by Jitin Vashisht tells us that there is bno age for becoming successful. If you have got it in you to work hard then you can get success at any age and at any point in your life.  It doesn’t matter what age you are, how much you know, or how accomplished you are, there’s always something new to learn and these audiobooks will help you with learning new things.

  1. Overcoming fear

Fear is one such hindrance that does not let us work to our potential! It lets us undermine our inner strength and becomes an obstacle in our success. Overcoming Fear is a Hindi Podcast that tells us to  strengthen our mind and channel our inner core to overcome obstacles. In this podcast, various tips and methods are shared so that we can unlock our potential and become successful in any examination or endeavour!

  1. Online wali Padai

This Hindi Podcast helps us understand the importance of Online Education. This podcast is created by Quora Official. This Hindi Podcast provides such tricks and tips which help you to improve your areas of weakness and improve what you already know. Many topics can be learnt from this podcast from science to management, from law to fitness, you name it, we have it. This is really suitable for Kids and Teens!

  1. 20 Amazing Facts About Science in Hindi

This Hindi Podcast is created by Fact Sciences which is ideal for Kids and Teens who are science enthusiasts. This Podcast is really helpful for the Students who have interests in Science and Its workings! If you wish to understand Science in a fun way then this Podcast is really for you , no matter what your age is!

  1. Kitaben your best buddies

This Hindi Podcast helps you realise how Books are your best friends. Why we should read books and why books are still relevant in the 21st Century and how their importance is increasing day by day in today’s era! This Podcast reveals that only academic books wont serve the purpose, reading books on multiple subjects, from various authors and knowing their point of view will enhance our view as well towards Life!

  1. How to read a book 
PC- Depositphotos

One may think that he/she knows how to read a book but this Hindi Podcast shall reveal the ultimate way to read a Book so that you can read other books as well in that amount of time and get the best out of those books still! It emphasises on the techniques of how to read between the lines, how to understand the plot and its nuances in a given period of time rather than keep waiting whether you will understand the book or not.


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