Backstage with MysticAdii

Q.1. Tell us about your recent project and it’s status

MysticAdii was founded by me (Aditi Das) and my husband (Tirupati Balan) owing to our common interest in the field of ancient studies. We aim to bring back the magical stories about Gods and Goddesses of this world for our modern mystics. We aim to empower our modern mystics by sharing ancient wisdom through several short stories and folklore. Several ancient scriptures and texts have been written to provide ideological guidance to humans. However, most of the knowledge has been lost somewhere. Considering modern times people hardly get time to go through these elaborate scripts. These scriptures are nothing less than a fortune hidden in some ancient cave. Sooner we have access to this knowledge, the better we are equipped to lead our lives here on this planet. 

Q.2. When was the first time you discovered podcasting? 

It was my husband Tirupati who actually introduced me to podcasting. I was more into written content but soon we realized that there is a segment of the audience who loved listening to stories rather than reading about them. So it is a recent discovery and we are still exploring its efficiency

Backstage with MysticAdii
Tirupati Balan & Aditi Das, Founders of MysticAdii

Q.3. Where are you based out of and what is your day job? Are you a full-time podcaster?

We are based out of Gurgaon Haryana at the moment. My husband Tirupati is into software development and is an IT guy. I am from the banking and finance domain and hold 8 years of experience with different banks and financial organizations. However, currently on sabbatical as I wanted to pursue my journey as an entrepreneur. No, I am not a full time podcaster for now as we are exploring other domains to reach out to our community. We also plan to launch other things under this brand. 

Q.4. What is your favorite time to listen to podcasts? Can you share a few of your favourites?

Well that depends. If I want to listen to some bedtime stories I would prefer late night, If I need some motivation then may be early in the morning as soon as I get up. If I am following a particular series or show and it’s interesting then I might end up listening non-stop until I finish the same.

Favorite podcasts –  I am more of a reading person, to be honest, but I do follow a few on Kuku FM. Shiva Purana and Chanakya neeti are a few I like 

Q.5. What were your concerns around duration, thumbnails, recording equipment, frequency of uploads, etc. while beginning? What conclusions did you arrive at? 

As I mentioned we are still on an exploring stage and are trying to understand what works best for our community.

Duration – Based on our previous experience I can say that the audience appreciates crisp and interesting content. If the content is narrated in an interesting fashion, the listeners don’t mind spending more time. However, since we live in an age where people tend to have a short span of attention it is better to keep it crisp and short, maybe 5-6 minutes to begin with.

Thumbnails – These ought to be visually appealing and a short narration of the topic on the image works wonders as this the 1st impression your listener will have about you.

Recording equipment – Well this holds a very important role and should be done professionally as far as possible. May be a separate recording room a professional voice recorder will be required to ensure there is no background noise.

Frequency – To begin with I believe 2-3 podcasts per week shall suffice keeping your listeners engaged. However, if you receive a good response then you might consider increasing the frequency.

Q.6. What will always remain your fondest memory from your production days?

Kuku FM was the 1st platform for us to explore the world of podcasting and I must say that I was very happy as we received an overwhelming response from the listeners. In less than 2 months we have been able to reach out to 1 lakhs plus listeners, which is an awesome number to begin with. Hence, the response and love received from our listeners will surely be my fondest memory.

Q.7. How are you promoting your podcast? 

We promote them through various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Apple podcasts to name a few.

Q.8. You have a very unique subject – mythology. What were your motivations to merge podcasting and mythological stories?

Mythology and spiritual subjects have been a keen interest for me since childhood. I have been an avid reader and have been reading this genre for a long time now. Also, I spotted a gap here since not many of us are well versed with our culture and folklore. For example, everyone knows about Cinderella and sleeping beauty but we hardly know about Indian folklore and stories. So, this was the motivation.

Q.9. How should one choose their subject or theme as a podcaster? What is your take on that?

The field should be very close to one’s heart and the podcaster should have keen interest to research on their subject. If there is passion involved and they themselves love expanding their knowledge on that particular genre, then they will  surely do justice for their listeners as well. 

Q.10. How has been your experience with Kuku FM? What is special in your relationship with Kuku FM? 

The journey has been very good till now. We reached an overwhelming response within a short span of two months and were able to reach out to a lakh plus listeners.  The platform has a very good content library and is well suited for all kinds of listeners. We are happy to be associated with Kuku FM  as the team is very approachable and works with podcasters like us at every level to ensure a seamless experience.

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