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Avoid these things when creating podcasts!

To date you have dealt with many topics. All of these topics were related to what you should take care of when creating a podcast. Today we are going to discuss different things. You may want to avoid these things while making your podcast, but you need to know these things once and for all so that you don’t make mistakes.

It is said that art paints a picture of society. But at the same time, art also enlightens society, guides the mind. The artist therefore must adhere to certain moral values. It is not advisable to give any content in your podcast just for the sake of publicity and money. People who listen to podcasts are very intelligent so there are several things you should avoid when creating your podcast.

KUKU FM does not endorse any content that is harmful to society. Also, many podcast hosting platforms do not support you if you provide content that supports the following. If you provide such content, you may be subject to removal or imprisonment.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the issues that you should avoid in your content when creating your podcast.

1. Pornographic as well as pornographic content

This type of content is not tolerated at all on KUKU FM. Giving child pornography content is a legal offense. You may not post any pornographic material on KUKU FM. Many podcast hosting platforms do not offer such content. But apart from that, it is also your moral duty not to post such content. If this type occurs, your podcast may be removed.

2. Deadly Content 

You should avoid content that is harmful to society, especially children. For example, if your podcast is especially telling stories to young children, then include things that are appropriate for their age. Do not provide any content that seems cruel or intimidating. Also, if you are not an expert in the medical field, you cannot make harmful or health-related comments. Content that is harmful to life should be avoided.

3. Hateful Content 


You can’t say any anti-religious things while making your podcast. You can’t include in your podcast things that would create bitterness in religion. At the same time, you cannot provide content that hurts or discriminates against the feelings of caste, race, caste, language, or society. Many people are giving this kind of content on social media. But it will not be tolerated on podcast platforms. This can lead to legal action against you.

4. Violent or Disgusting Content 

You cannot provide content that is too cruel or violent. Once you make a podcast, you can’t give a content that describes a brutal murder in its content. If you include some such images in your thumbnail, it is also prohibited. Such content distracts the listener and the viewer. If you provide such content, action may be taken against you and your podcast. Also, you may not provide pornographic material or content.

5. Harassing or harassing content

These types are mostly seen in the comments section. There are so many types it’s hard to say. You should always report such comments to your podcast host. Also, if you have access to your audience data, it is a crime to use it to harass or cause fraud. Your audience data should not be accidentally leaked. If your audience believes in you, you must trust them too.

6. Spam, misleading content and scams

Don’t differentiate between the title and the content of your podcast. I mean, some examples like, ‘If you hear this, don’t double your money in a month’ Also, do not use thumbnails that will mislead viewers. They can also be prosecuted if they try to use the podcast to commit scams.


Neither you nor anyone else can threaten people from your podcast. You cannot communicate violently with your audience. Also, making threats in comments is not tolerated. It is an unforgivable crime to physically or mentally harass, intimidate, or invade privacy by knowing one’s personal information. Disclosure of people’s personal information and inciting others to commit violent acts or violate the use of the Terms are taken seriously.

These are just some of the things you should avoid when creating your podcast. We will see more of the same in the second part of this article.


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