Podcasts have been around for quite a while, but it’s only in recent years in India that the industry has begun to flourish. This article will give you insights about how to start a podcast in India. Earlier as very few people had mobile phones, the reach was quite limited. But in the year 2018, the number of podcast listeners increased to 60% over the previous year. 

If you are planning to upload your podcast, then here are the simple steps to follow and you are ready to go. This article will give you insights about how to start a podcast in India. Don’t worry about the equipment, all the things required to record your podcast are easily available. If you just want to give it a try then you can use your smartphone to record your thoughts. This way you need not spend much money. 

If you want to be professional in it then adding a few more advanced technology gadgets would be more advisable:

1. Microphone:

how to start podcast in India

As the podcast has audio content so a good quality voice recording is always appreciated. Microphone is an essential tool in recording. A full-fledged mic will enhance your audio quality and give you satisfaction. 

2. A computer and audio editing software:

An audio editor will add necessary audios required for your podcast and it will upgrade the quality of your audio. 

How to start Podcasting in India
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3. Good Internet connection:

This is the basic requirement in today’s digital era. For uploading your podcast you need a good internet connection. 

How to start podcasting in India
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Think about the topics you want to talk about, if you are a beginner then choose a topic which is known to many people out there. Nowadays, listeners are preferring to access more positive and uplifting stories. A well-researched content is the heart of any podcast. Many people think that you can record podcasts only in a few languages but that’s not the case. Podcasts give you the liberty to choose any topic and record it in your language. Several Hindi podcasts are also available online on various platforms. See, it was as simple to start a podcast in India!

Clueless about the platform where you can publish your podcasts?

Everything is ready in your hand now you are in search of some good platform to publish your content.

You can publish your podcasts on KuKu FM

KuKu FM: A best place to publish your podcasts in India. This platform gives you freedom to  publish your own thoughts and ideas between the audience. Here you can publish your podcast in different vernacular languages. This platform has a variety of English podcasts, Hindi podcasts, Bangla Podcasts, Marathi Podcasts and many more. You can follow simple steps for uploading your thoughts and get the huge audience. 

How to upload your podcast: Simple Steps to follow

  1. SIGN UP
  2. Start by clicking on the new episode
  3. You  can either record your episode at that time or you can choose previously recorded episode
  4. Save it in the file
  5. Add a title and few lines for your podcast
  6. You can customize your podcast
  7. Click on publish
  8. Add your podcast’s title and description
  9. Find a place to host them
  10. Now you are ready to distribute your podcast on different platforms

This is how you can start your podcast business in India. You can even create several seasons for your podcast. You can have your podcast channel. Podcasting is growing day by day. There are few platforms where you can listen to various podcasts for free. Kuku FM is one such platform that gives you the freedom to download podcasts for free in mp3 file format. Kuku FM has a wide variety of podcasts from different categories. Podcasts on Kuku FM are available in different vernacular languages.

How can you start your podcast on iTunes? 

itunes-logo - Sony Music ME
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  1. Record your podcast
  2. Complete your podcast details
  3. Choose a podcast hosting platform
  4. Retrieve your RSS feed URL
  5. Download iTunes and create your account
  6. Submit your podcast to podcasts connect
  7. Wait for approval

  Congratulations!  You are ready with your podcasts to reach to millions!


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