We learn more quickly when we listen. Educational audio books are the latest trend of learning and acquiring knowledge. In such a fast paced life, where people do not have time to pursue their interests, these audiobooks come as a rescue for such people where they can listen to their favorite book and simultaneously be involved in their work.

Below included some of the best educational audio books like “Bharatvarsh”, “Bharat Ki Prasidh Ladayiyaan” and many such audio books related to History and other aspects of life can be accessed by you and which will make you fall in love with learning again and provide you with a laid path of directives which can be used by you to give shape to your life and your dreams.

1. Bharat ki Prasidh Ladaiyaan

This audiobook is a compilation of various historical accounts which deeply follows the narratives, explaining the conditions where and when such historical incidents had happened and what was their outcome. Various accounts of historical battles such as Battle of Haldighati, Shivaji’s Battle with Mughals or be it Battle of Panipat, all such narratives can be listened to in this Hindi Audiobook. If you are a History fanatic, or loves to listen to historical accounts then this audiobook is for you.

2. Pratham Antariksh Yatri – Yuri Gagrin

This Hindi Audiobook talks about the adventure of the first space journey and the story behind it and the person who undertook this journey, Yuri Gagrin whose name has been imprinted in the history as the first man who had gone to space. It took only 2 hours for him to set this record and years of preparation and hard work to get this done at the age of twenty seven only. This audiobook describes his journey from and back to the earth along with answering several heart wrenching questions.

3. Bharatvarsh

This Hindi Audiobook celebrates the vibrant historical accounts of Indian History with numerous characters to its credit, whether it is Maharana Pratap, Ashoka, Akbar, Aadi Shankaracharya or Dara Shikoh. In the voice of Anupam Kher, these audios make us feel that we are actually present there when such an account is taking place in History. If you are a History fanatic, this audiobook is a treat for you where it is not only engaging but inspiring at the same time too.

4. When Life Hits You Hard – Walt Disney failure to success story in Hindi

This inspirational audiobook is about the Life and Journey of Walt Disney. Despite repeated failures and rejections, through his creative imagination he carved Disney Cartoons and built a million dollar business. A business of making kids laugh and leaving a legacy behind him. He truly proves that Creativity is no one’s monopoly.

5. Corona 101 – Hand hygiene Avishkarak ki Rahasyamayi maut? in Hindi

In this Hindi audiobook, you will listen to the motivating story of Dr.Ignaz Semmelweis who was stationed at the Obstetric Clinic in Vienna as an assistant . He was the one who invented the concept of Hand Hygiene which is now very instrumental in fighting this pandemic of Coronavirus. He is known as the “Father of Hand Hygiene”. If you want to listen to the story of a doctor whose invention became a model used in Medical History, then this audiobook is for you.

6. THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F@CK (PART-1) Life is hard if you make it.

This audiobook in Hindi makes you learn how to learn yourself and prioritise yourself. One should live life according to one’s own needs, not according to others. In the process, one does not have to hurt others as well but this audiobook helps its listeners learn the subtle art of saying ‘NO’ when required. This audiobook teaches us that we tend to think about a situation and make it grim than what it really is. This audiobook has dispensed certain tips that can really bring peace and joy in our life rather than depression and anxiety.

7. How to Win Friends and Influence People (Part -1)

This Audiobook in Hindi elaborates the masterpiece written by Dale Carnegie “ How to win Friends and Influence People”. This audiobook is a necessity for those who want to improve their communication skills and have an impact on others. It beautifully describes the way in which the others should be dealt with along with dealing with your own differences and accepting yourself. It makes its listeners realise that Change is the permanent word in this world and one has to change with the changing times and with these changing times, one has to adapt with their communication skills as well. This audiobook not only helps you to improve your relation with others but also helps you leave a good impression in your interviews.

8. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

This Audiobook in Hindi explains the procedure of Sexual Reproduction in Flowering plants with numerous examples and briefings.


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