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4 reasons why your podcast is lacking with comments

Robert Orben says “A compliment is a verbal sunshine.” And every creator wishes to achieve this. When a podcaster publishes his podcast he/she waits to get a review of it. Complement makes a creator more enthusiastic whereas some feedbacks help to enhance the skills of the creator and eventually help him to grow. But if the podcast is missing with comments it leaves the creator puzzled and disheartened. Because lack of comments will neither help in improving his content nor will he be able to gain a strength to work on his next podcast. Lack of comments on the podcast can be due to multiple reasons.

In this article, we will acknowledge 4 possible reasons why there is a lack of comments on the podcast you published. Do read it carefully and if you have any one of these, work on it, rectify it and get Comments on the podcast.

1. Not asking to comment


Things will happen only when you ask for comments on the podcast. Similarly, you need to prompt your listener once at the end or in the beginning asking for their advice and reviews in the comment section.

It happens multiple times that your listener shares an intricate bond with you but forgets to comment. Now it becomes your duty to make him recall that. When you ask to comment the listener feels excited and active to give his reviews because he/she feels recognized by the creator. If you want to know more about how to ask for comments so go and listen to this amazing audio. Let me tell you, in this podcast, the podcaster is asking everyone to talk in the comments in a very easy way.

2. Irregularity of the podcast

Being punctual and regular are ethics, once you enter the world of professionalism. And if you miss these basic ethics, instead of gaining the recognition you make your image move downstream.

If your podcast has irregular recurrence then it becomes difficult for you to hold your listeners and if you fail to hold your listener, then comments are what you don’t receive. You need to respect the anxiousness of your listeners. But it happens at times that you are unable to publish your podcast on time. In that case, it becomes your duty to inform your listeners about it. And that works as a respectful gesture to your listeners which holds them to you. And help you to gain comments on the podcast.

Leaving the occasional happenings, the creator needs to be regular with the publishing of his podcast because that is how you gain listeners and their reviews.

3. The inefficiency of reaching to the target audience

Sowing in the direction which is not going to reap your results is going in vain. If you are unable to reach a perfect set of audiences then expecting comments and an enhanced count of listeners is not more than a fantasy.

For eg.Suppose you want to tell a romantic story but if genre tag is horror in that story, then the audience coming to your podcast will not be the right one.. Then your podcast won’t get recognized which will fail in providing you with comments on the podcast. So the baseline is to choose a correct platform to deliver your content. KUKU FM is one such platform that has the versatility of listeners for various podcast languages. So you can choose this as your publishing platform.

Along with publishing it to a perfect set of audience. It is essential to work on the topic and SEO of it to reach a maximum of the audience and further gain a good number of comments.

4. Lacking content magnetism

Listener loses its interest if he/she lacks the hold of your content. Your podcast and its delivery should be powerful enough to hold your listener. If the content lacks the essence of magnetism, if the topic leaves listeners in dilemma or the content in it shifts its direction in the mid-journey then no listener wishes to get more of the content.

This not only leaves you with lacking comments on the podcast along with it you lose your listener count.

So these were some of the main reasons that give us the answer to lacking comments on the podcast. Do keep the pointers in mind and rectify your podcast. And if you keep a note of the above-mentioned tips you will eventually gain listeners along with a good section of reviews and feedback.


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