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3 secrets to narrate audio love story

Love story always touches the very sensitive and emotional part of our life, it has to be presented in a fragile manner so that it makes us feel love and manages to give justice to the story. Once in a lifetime, we all must have heard the sensational RJs, Loveguru and Nilesh Mishra, the love story depiction style earned them a great fan base all over the nation. The audio love story is beautiful and peaceful to hear but orating an audio love story is not an easy task. It requires ample practice and patience because you need to hold yourself at some point or the other while presenting a love story.

Audio stories related to love are the most preferred and people hear these to make themselves feel relaxed and make their inner self enter into a peaceful and emotional state of mind. Audio love story podcasts require ample time and patience both in creating and delivering it. So if you desire to be a love story podcaster, three key points are what you need to keep in mind before beginning the podcast.

Let us peep down to know more about the three key points that one needs to know before starting with a love story podcast.

1. Background music

Background music

Background music acts as the spine of your podcast. It creates a feeling that helps you to connect with the story and enter into a different world. Be it motivation, be it meditation, be it grief every emotion has a different set of background music which are related to it. And the addition of this music further turns the words more impactful.

A very soft and beautiful tone is what you need to incorporate into your love podcast because that will help your listener to relate to the story and the minds of the listeners will move as your story moves. The choice of background music is extremely essential when it comes to a love story podcast. To check whether the music added by you is perfect or not, hear your content along with it. If you can flow with the music and sync with the story you have made a perfect choice.

2. Pictorial representation of the script

Podcasts lack pictorial representation, in order to make your audio love story, feel to your listener pictorial representation of it is essential. You need to create a script that has the potential to create an image in the mind of your listener while you narrate the story.

The way of describing the story should be appealing enough to create the picturesque. Because that image created by a listener helps him get in love with your content and its presentation which eventually brings the listener back to your podcast.

3. Impact of voice modulation

Narration is not as easy as it appears to be. To beautifully represent your audio love story both speed and pitch of voice and its constant modulation are necessary. You need to be a bit light when it comes to depicting love, your voice needs to be a bit bold when you depict a heart touching situation, etc. as per the demand of the story you need to modulate your voice in order to present a beautiful love story.

So these were some of the crucial pointers that one needs to keep in mind before and while creating a love story podcast and depicting an audio love story.


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