Sports are a great part of our life. They teach us many qualities like Teamwork, Leadership, Discipline and many more and thus, make us a better human being. Playing a sport is a different thing but watching a sport is no less than an addition because I have seen people going crazy for IPL or FIFA. Such people do not want to miss any single update when it comes to their favourite sport and here we present some top podcasts for such people.

  1. How’s that.

How’s that is an amazing sports podcast mainly focused on the cricket world and presents you with every news related to cricket in a funny way.  While listening you may also find a funny side of you. A shade of you that you forgot in this life of hectic schedules and competition. Laughter is a world-famous antidote for it. Our Stress-buster comedy podcasts will leave you laughing for days and days. While listening you may also find a funny side of you. A shade of you that you forgot in this life of hectic schedules and competition.

  1. Viral Cricket Memes

Viral cricket memes talk about the world of sports, its events, and its players. Sports podcasts are a great way to discuss the aftermath of a match. It discusses the game-plan, its execution, and what went right or wrong in between. Not only this, you will get a chance to know more closely about the players and their life. Despite, whatever Sports they are in. If you are fond of knowing about the dressing-room stories then sports podcasts are for you! It offers every information that you expect to know from the varsities matches.

  1. Match ki Bhavishyavani

This is a sports podcast show by the host Apoorva Lahoti. The concept of the show is simple. The host tries to predict the results of the match by analysing the past performance of the team and it’s players and the condition of the ground. This podcast makes merely predictions but since they are based on analysis, many of them turn out to be true.

  1. Season Review

Season Review is a sports podcast show which is not focused or limited to any one sport but it covers the news related to all the sports that are being organised in this world. If you are preparing for any exam then this podcast show can be a great source for you to remain updated.

  1. India’s fastest Ice Skater

Vishwaraj Jadeja is India’s Fastest Long-Distance Ice Speed Skater. He trains as an elite athlete in the Netherlands. He has participated in over 220 races over 10 years, and holds 65 national records in ice skating. Injury kept him from trying out for the 2018 Winter Olympics qualifying tournaments, but at the World Winters Masters Games, held in January in Austria, he won 3 silvers — in the 3km, 5km and 10km events — and one bronze, in the 1km, making him the first Indian to participate and win medals. His coach Wim Nieuwenhuizen, 72 years old, has trained scores of speed-skaters, including ones that went on to win at the Olympics. WIm & Vishwaraj are now preparing for the Winter Olympics 2022. Vishwaraj also tells us how Gujarat state government and Schbang company from Mumbai are helping him. Listen to the full podcast now!

  1. India’s youngest open water swimmer

Prabhat Koli is a 21 year old Marathon Open Water Swimmer from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He comes from a humble Fisherman family background and learnt swimming when he was just 10 years old. He won the prestigious Tenzing Norgay Award in 2019, which is the most prestigious award in the field of adventure sports and is considered equivalent to the Arjuna award. He has completed 6 out of the Oceans 7 Challenge and aims to complete the last one (Cook Strait, New Zealand) by 2022. Only 21 people across the world have been able to complete the Oceans 7 Challenge. Listen to this podcast and know more about this man.

  1. 20-20 Matchmaking

20-20 Matchmaking is an amazing sports podcast show which covers the comedy part of the sport cricket. This podcast has a character Seema aunty who has a match for almost every cricketer, be it KL Rahul, Sanju Samson or anyone else. This podcast show can be very hilarious and stress-buster to you as it has a great comedy element in it.

  1. How I became an International Vegan Tennis Player

Vishwajeet Sangle is a 24 years old vegan athlete, who has been a critically acclaimed international Tennis player, Malkhamb & Yoga practitioner. He hails from a small town; Phaltan, Maharashtra, India. In this episode of “Say Something Sandhya” podcast Vishwajeet shares his story of how he became a prodigy in sports, the challenges he faced during childhood because he hailed from a small town & the sports infrastructure in his town, how he turned into a Vegan athlete, his injuries & comebacks, his love for books & coffee, and last but not the least the support from his family & friends, which kept him going. If you’re a young athlete or sports person looking for some motivation on how to do things to make it big in your sport, this podcast is for you!

  1. Jungle Safari

This podcast is dedicated to sports that are prominently played in jungles and along with the fun of these sports it will give you a great ride of the jungle. Listening to this podcast will make you realise how adventures a jungle can be.

  1. Abilities beyond Disabilities

This podcast brings to you the story of a 31-year old national para-athlete, Rahul Ramugade (rahul_onwheels). Rahul is a  person and has been an active sports person since childhood. He is a player of Indian Wheelchair Chair Cricket Team, Captain of Maharashtra Wheelchair Cricket Team, para-swimmer and adventure sports enthusiast. He has also won 14 medals in state level para-swimming competitions. Listen to the podcast to know more about Rahul & his story.

  1. Hitchhiking through 29 states of India

Ansh Mishra is 31-year old hitchhiker who hails from Allahabad, India. He travelled across 29 states of India free of cost in 2017 over a period of 9 months. He now has bigger plans to take up travelling & hitchhiking as his full-time profession, listen to the full episode to know what he is up to right now.

  1. Turning point of Indian Cricket Team

In this episode, Atul Wassan talks about the one historical match and why it was a turning point for Indian Cricket Team. Tune in to find out more interesting facts.  Turning Point of Indian Cricket Team – 1983 World Cup from our show Nasha Masterstroke is one of our best sports podcasts available in Hindi. This podcast is created by HT Smartcast. HT Smartcast is well known for his/her sports podcasts.

  1. Twists and Turns in the Ranji Trophy

This podcast is focused on the domestic cricket network of Indian Cricket, Ranji Trophy. Everybody knows about this trophy but nobody knows the twist and turns that are involved in this. This podcast will let you know every twist and turn related to Ranji Trophy.

  1. Star of the field – Mark Waugh

There have been many legends in the game of cricket. Some made their name because of their incredible batting skills while some are known for their lethal bowling but there are some who made their name in this game due to their excellent fielding. In this episode, Atul Wassan talks about an Australian cricketer who is known for his incredible reflexes and commendable catching skills, he is none other than Mark Waugh! Tune in to hear interesting stories about his life and game. 

  1. Some beautiful memories of 1983 World Cup

If an event can be credited to change the stature of cricket in India then it cannot be any other moment than ‘The 1983 World Cup’. This was the event when the world started acknowledging Indian Cricket Team and this was the event after which the kids of India actually started thinking of cricket as a career. Listen to this podcast to relive those memories of the 1983 World Cup.

  1. Sourav Ganguly’s magic at India Pakistan match in 1998

When you talk about cricket, you talk about iconic performances and one such iconic performance was given by Sourav Ganguly against Pakistan in 1998. Listen to this amazing podcast and get to know about the highlights of this iconic clash.

  1. Stories from 28 January 1976 when India won at the New Zealand soil for the first time

In cricket, winning against any team on their soil can be termed the toughest for any cricketing nation. This is because the hosting nation’s team is always familiar with the conditions of that country whereas the coming team is not. In such conditions, an Indian team which was just seeing its rise won on the Kiwi soil for the first time.

Listen to this podcast to relieve those moments.

  1. The test match tie

We all are familiar with the formats of the games in cricket. The longest format of this game is Test cricket and the probability of getting a test match tied is almost zero. In this podcast, we present you the information of one such test match which actually got tied. Listen to this amazing podcast now.

  1. Captain cool, M.S Dhoni’s selection days!

There is no doubt that M.S. Dhoni has been a cricket legend and he has been always in the news for the decisions that he made, both on and off the field. This podcast is dedicated to the selection days of Captain Dhoni and his historical decisions which created havoc in the country.

  1. God of Cricket – Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

To many people in this world, the meaning of cricket is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. He came in the game as a kid and ruled the world of cricket for almost ¼th of a century and if  sports podcasts are made one podcast should be made upon him. Listen to this podcast and learn about Sachin Tendulkar as much as you can.

  1. Multan ka Sultan

Virendra Sehwag became the first Indian batsmen to hit a triple century in test cricket and he is also one of the four batsmen in cricket history to hit the triple century twice in his cricket career. This podcast is dedicated to the magnificent performance of cricket in Multan.

  1. Dhoni’s first Interview as Captain of Team India

When Dhoni was made the captain of team India, almost every cricket fan was in shock. A guy who was new to world cricket was preferred over his senior players and that too, when he had never captained any team at a bigger stage. When all the theories were made for this decision, Dhoni gave his first interview as captain. Listen to that first interview in which Dhoni talks about many things apart from cricket.

  1. 50 unknown facts about Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team, breaks the record by coming to the ground, as well as being very stylish in his personal life. Short hair and a toned beard make her look even more handsome. It is said that when Kohli was a bachelor, the girls used to send him letters written with their blood, there was such madness that people have many other facts about Kohli, which you may or may not know. You know, listen to this audio, know other stories and facts related to Kohli.

  1. 50 unknown facts about Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Dhoni is the second such captain in the world, under whose leadership the country has won more than 100 times in One Day. Not only this, he is the only captain in this world to win all the ICC trophies and have achieved many other achievements but hardly all of you know about these 50 facts related to Dhoni.

  1. Batting tips from Sachin Tendulkar

Talking about batting and the name of the great Sachin Tendulkar doesn’t come to mind, this is impossible. He is the finest batsmen that the game of cricket have ever seen. In this podcast, Sachin Tendulkar is sharing some batting tips which are based on the experiences which he earned in his life. Listen to this podcast and improve your game.


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