comedy PodcastsLife is incomplete without laughter. If you stopped laughing in life, it is like you had nothing left in your life. There are several comedy podcasts on Kuku FM to keep up your laughter, which makes it impossible for you to stop laughing. If you’ve just started listening or are going to start now, here’s a list of 25 best comedy podcasts you should listen to them once.

1. Maje Final Duniya ke Niyam by RJ Raunac

This podcast presented by RJ Raunac is very funny. In this, he (Bauwa) makes fun of others through his funny conversation which makes it difficult for people to stop laughing. In this podcast, he believes that the rules that have been made in the world are made right and he proves it with funny things.

2. Maje Susu Final by RJ Raunac

Rj Raunac is very famous for his funny talks. He makes fun of others with his silly words and which makes everyone laugh. In this podcast, he pretends that he is not able to pee and asks people to help him. Which makes people laugh a lot.

3. Maje Final Oont ke Muh Mein Jeera by RJ Raunac

In this podcast, Raunak makes a bauwa call to a random number and asks for two minutes. In it, he tells a funny incident of his life, in which he had put his hand into the camel’s mouth and due to which he had to take 140 injections.

4. Call center stories by Humraj

This podcast presented by Hamraj is going to make you laugh. In this, a funny incident happened in the call center. In which a customer forgets to disconnect the call and gets busy with his wife. All the things between them are heard by the people of the call center, which makes everyone laugh a lot.

5. Maje Final Thand Winter Connection by Rj Raunac

Rj Raunac keeps looking for different ways to make people laugh. In this podcast, he calls a random man and tells about the cold and says that if you face the cold, you can win from the lion as well. People enjoy a lot of these silly things.

6. Maje Final Nanga Nahayega Kya Nichodega Kya by Rj Raunac

After listening to Rj Raunak, it is impossible for people to stop laughing. In this podcast, he (Bauwa) calls a person and teases him. Everyone is afraid to take a bath during the cold and this is what he tells through a funny idiom. “Nanga Nahega kya, Nichodega kya” .

7. Maje Final Shaadi Mubarak by Rj Raunac

In this podcast, Raunak (Bauwa) calls a man who is about to get married. He wishes him a happy marriage life and shares some of his funny experiences. Which makes people laugh a lot.

8. Maje On Bachcho se Panga Nahi By Raunac

You should not mess with children. In this podcast, Rj Raunac presents the same thing in a funny way. His silly talks will make you laugh a lot. You can’t stop laughing even if you want. This podcast is one of the funniest podcasts.

9. Maje Final pollution ka positive side effect By Rj Raunac

Pollution is increasing day by day. But it can also have a positive effect, this is presented by Rj Raunac ( Bauwaa) in this podcast. It calls a random person and says that the government can also be controlled by pollution. And when he tells how this is possible, people laugh a lot at him.

10. Hansi rok na paenge by Comedy King

This audio created by the comedy creator is very funny. In this, you will listen to some funny poetic lines which will make you laugh a lot.

11. New Dhamaka Comedy by Comedy King

New Dhamaka Comedy brings you some funny poetic lines and jokes, which will fill you with laughter. Some jokes like, ‘gone to get license’, ‘Kamlesh and sir’ etc. are hilarious. Listen to this once.

12. Hans hans ke pet phool jaega by Comedy King

In this audio, a person calls jio customer care and asks many strange questions. Listening to them you will start rolling with laughter. He asks customer care for Hanuman Ji’s contact number.

13. Abhi tak ka sabse bada tahalka comedy by Comedy King

In this audio, the artist trying to make people laugh by mimicking the voice of big political leaders. And some funny relatable incidents will make you laugh a lot. Listen to it once.

14. Call centre Stories, Marry Me Please by MnM Talkies

This audio tells the story of a call center. In which an agent talks to a rich man of 75 years, when that agent solves his problem, that person asks her to marry and it creates a very funny scene.

15. Odd Even by Rj Raunac

If you are fond of comedy then you must listen to Rj Raunac. He calls people and makes fun of them by becoming Bauwaa, making the sound of a small child. It is really hilarious.

16. Wrong Number by Rj Raunac

In this audio, Raunak(Bauwa) adopts a new way of teasing people, he calls any random number and says that it is a wrong number. At first, after listening to his strange reply people get shocked, and after some time when they understand, they laugh out loud.

17. Murga- Chalak Didi by Pravin

RJ Pravin is very famous for his comedy. He runs a show called Murga, in which he calls on any number in the morning and teases him with his peculiar antics. In this audio, the story of online shopping of a girl is presented.

18. Thandi aa gayi hai nahane ka mann nahi by Rj Raunac

You will like this audio very much. People stop bathing when the cold increases also, people have different experiences about cold, in this audio a funny narration of this experience has been done.

19. Murga – Joota Churai by Rj Praveen

Have you ever heard about a GPS chip enacted in shoes, if not and you are going to attend a wedding where it’s a custom to hide shoes then go listen to this funny phone call.

20. POLLUTION ACCHA HAI- Rj Ranauc and Bauaa

Listen to this funny talk session of Bauaa on positive points of pollution.

Imagine you are opening a lid of cold food, and then you can get that hot vibes because of pollution, how? Go and listen to it now.

21. POLLUTION KHAANSI-Rj Ranauc and Bauaa

Imagine you are on a call and you are suffering from cough and cold, so here in this podcast situation is similar to this. Bauaa by his funny accent talks to a man and how he gets irritated, let’s see in this audio.


So here is the question from RJ Ranauc, I want to give an answer. If yes then go and listen to his amazing mankind solution for everyone. I am damn sure you won’t be able to hold your stomach after hearing it.


Are you one of them who get annoyed by seeing all forwards and clips on WhatsApp during festivals? If yes, then listen to RJ Ranauc’s amazing solution on this.

Get ready to laugh with Bauaa.

24. ZINDGI KYA CHEEZ HAI- Rj Ranauc, Bauaa and Bairagi

Bauaa and Bairagi, best comedy combo ever. Don’t miss this podcast, if you really want to laugh. Life explanation by a man on call, and how these two characters give a social message to society.

25. ITIHAS SE CHED CHAD- Rj Ranauc, Bauaa and Bairagi

History is all about the past, so here comes the question: why is history always the center of discussion. Why not other subjects like Maths, geography, etc? Think, think!! Don’t think much, go give it a try and laugh out loud.

If you’re looking for a laugh or want to pass your time then go for these truly hilarious podcasts in Hindi. These are the bitesize series of comedy podcasts in India that will make you laugh. Comedy shows are full of humour and humour changes the way we think. So, let’s upgrade our humour!


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