Who doesn’t like ‘thrill’ in their life. Almost everyone wants to do something thrilling in their life. In the same way, people love thriller stories and podcasts. The abandoned characters and heroism in a thriller story, their dramatic journey, action, suspense, growing curiosity, discomfort all keep us connected to the story. So it’s more fun to listen to than any other stories. With this in mind, we’ve brought you 25 best thriller Stories in Hindi language. We are sure that you cannot keep yourself away from these thrilling Stories. What is special is that you can listen to all these stories for free in Hindi. You can also download it to your device for offline listening. Then definitely download these 20 Best Thriller Stories in Hindi and enjoy the thrilling journey you are about to start. 

  1. कौन है?

Neelam is the only daughter of a very jolly and a big businessman. She goes for a weekend trip with her friends at the farmhouse in Lonavala. But this weekend turns out to be a nightmare for her. Death starts looming moment by moment. Can she come out of this nightmare? To know, listen to this story which is created by Rashmi Sharma.

  1. Kulsi – Ek Anokhi Dastaan

This is a story of a Princess and the Kingship. Hear the story of a princess who does not get the pleasure of the four walls of the royal palace. She is being hated by her father because of being a girl. Will the king ever be able to accept him? Or will she take revenge for this hatred and fight for her rights? To know, listen to this story which consists of 26 episodes and is created by Parag Chhapekarher.

  1. Bicchu ka Khel

Akhil aka ‘Scorpion’s’ father gets hanged on a false murder charge. Akhil learns that a criminal lawyer is responsible for his fathers death. And then to avenge the death of his father, Akhil makes such a grand plan of murder of that criminal lawyer, which becomes ‘Bicchu Ka Khel’. This story consists of 43 episodes and is created by Saransh Broadways. 

  1. वो कौन थी

On the way to the airport at night, Dr. Malhotra finds an unknown girl lying unconscious, but after regaining consciousness, she starts crying after hugging Dr. Malhotra. Afterall who was that girl? What made her unconscious? This story is created by Dubey Mrinalika. 

  1. दास्तां ए इंटरव्यू – एक परफेक्शनिस्ट की कहानी

This is the story of a perfectionist, who does everything with perfection. Then the call comes, the tenth interview and the series of mistakes starts. What will happen when the perfectionist goes to correct his mistakes? Let’s see what will happen next? This story is created by Sachin Goswami. 

  1. तीन दोस्त

A flat in Mumbai where three friends live. Raj, Arpit, and Vikas. ARaj is a writer who gets caught up in the story told by his friend. All three die one by one. To know why all three die and who kills them,  listen to the story of three friends. This story is created by sunil. 

  1. Seher banega shamshan

On one side there are those who save the country, but on the other hand there are many who sell the country and rule over it. This story is going to expose the truth of those disgusting people. What will happen when two college going girls come under the grip of a dangerous virus? And will become the victim of a science experiment? Will these innocent girls be able to save their city, their country? Or will the city become a crematorium? Listen to this story written by Praveen Singh Negi, which consists of 25 episodes. 

  1. Ghesu Chand Jasoos

Ghesu Chand is a genius detective and his partner is Inspector Rekha, both of them keep solving complicated cases together, whether it is a case of murder mystery or a psycho killer, but for the first time both of them get caught separately in the trouble of their enemies. Being a victim of conspiracy, now it has to be seen whether both of them are able to save themselves by exposing the conspiracy of their enemies or not, or both will remain victims of the conspiracy of their enemies. 

  1. अलबेला – हिमयुग का महायोद्धा

This story is an untold story of Adi Yuga, whose time kept changing its course with every incident. The ancient man started looking for answers to the strange questions swirling in his mind. This story gives a close feel to the life of the primitive man, this novel was born in the same revolution of a modest-looking man, who changed the story of this ice age, which was called ‘The Great Warrior of the Ice Age Albela’. Who was this human? Was the hero of Adi Yuga or someone else?

  1. जोकर

A pani puri wala kidnaps the daughter of the richest man of the city, Chaudhary Sahab. He even has contacts with the minister. And tight security is also deployed in the house, yet all this happens. Kidnapper does no harm to the girl child and he becomes her friend too. But no one knows why the kidnapping has happened? This story consists of 11 episodes and is created by Shailesh Singh. 

  1. डिटेक्टिव दीपा

This story is of Indian detective agency RAW whose many detectives were getting killed by the enemy. In this story you will get to know how in the end the RAW call their king of spade detective deepa to solve the mystery and deal with the enemy. This story consists of 20 episodes which will tell you everything in detail and this story is presented and written by Pragati Gupta.

  1. निधि – द सीक्रेट आइडेंटिटी

In this first story you will see that Nidhi’s parents suddenly die. The story explains the importance of time. Time does not stop for anyone. When times come some people achieve success but some of them fall down. Time plays its game, some people win it and rule the game but some  of them get ruled. This story consists of 16 episodes which will tell you everything in detail and this story is presented by Aman AJ.

  1. शैतानी अवतार

If a mother finds out that for nine months a devil was growing in her stomach, will she kill him as soon as he is born? The incarnation of such a dreaded devil whose family members are scared to see him as soon as he is born and also want to kill him. But will a mother’s love turn that devil into a human? Will that devil grow up to be more dangerous?  Will he destroy everyone? Or will his family kill that child? 

  1. लॉयड्स बैंक डकैती

This is a story of a robbery of a bank. This story is based on true events which will be filled with thrill and romance. Will the police be able to catch the culprits or they will run away. This story consists of 10 episodes which will tell you everything in detail and this story is presented by Rahul Singh Rajput.

  1. जर्नी टू द सेंटर ऑफ़ द अर्थ

Professor von Hardwig and his nephew Hattrey discover a mysterious manuscript that changes their lives forever. After studying the manuscript and solving the riddle in it, they learn that the manuscript was written by a sixteenth-century Icelandic philosopher. Philosopher, who claimed to have found a secret way to the center of the earth. A route whose path passed through a dormant volcano. Was there really such a way?

  1. हॉरर फाइल्स

Yojan goes to his friend Jaipal’s house and while playing the game, Jaipal learns that all his friends are already dead. Will the truth of the plan come out? Or will superstitions like this end forever? This story consists of 22 episodes which will tell you everything in detail and this story is presented by RJ ABHINAV SHARMA.

  1. मिस्ट्री ऑफ़ सीरियल किलिंग

Mystery of Serial Killing, a story full of crime and thrill, how killing someone is common for some people. You will get to know the mystery how serial killing takes place by the hands of cold blooded killers. This story is created by Jayprakash Pawar. 

  1. सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक

Sultan Fauji – A Kashmiri terrorist. He carried out a major terrorist incident in Mumbai, in which hundreds of innocent civilians were killed. The Sultan was captured. In a historic decision, he was to be hanged on 26 January, so that the whole world would see what we do to the terrorists. But before that Sultan escaped to Pakistan after breaking the military jail. Then this mission was entrusted to Commander Karan Saxena – who killed Sultan Fauji by entering Pakistan itself. 

  1. वापसी

Two friends Neil and Dev take Thailand tourist visa to go to Malaysia, they were told by the agent that Malaysia visa will be available as soon as they go to Thailand, so did both the friends got visa? Can they go to Malaysia or became victims of deception? This story consists of 20 episodes which will tell you everything in detail and this story is presented by Ruby Pareek.

  1. रक्षक

Raj is taken to his planet by the great warriors from an unknown planet, entitling him as their protector. The warrior told Raj about his past and his parents, then Raj agrees to fight the son of darkness immediately. Raj is on that unknown planet but someone is living in his house as Raj. Who is that? Will Raj be victorious in his war? Listen to the full story to know the mysterious events of unknown planets.


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