Everyone of us wants to reach a point in life where we can set an example for others. We all want to become a paramount of excellence in one’s field. But, only a few can manage to do this. So, here we have the collection of two stories where you will learn how the protagonist will conquer fear and win over all odds. 

So, the best 2 Success Stories are as follows-

जिनी पुलिस

Lohit Bansal, a techie, wants to become one of the richest people in the world by opening his company’s headquarters in the US. Trisha Dutta is one of the school teachers, who wants to make the students capable by staying in India. The two fall in love, but just before their wedding, something happened which Delhi is infamous for. Listen to this 35 episodic success story “Genie Police” by Arpit Agarwal, author of your favorite book “Hai Dil Ka Kya Kasoor” on Kukufum. Listen to this story to find out how a jovial guy stakes his million dollar company to become a hero, and a villain, to fight the system, and root out crime.

चुनौती  in Hindi

In the dark night, in the midst of the blasts, Ganthar fled, throwing dust in the eyes of his own comrades. He took away all the safe full of money with him.  But why did Ganther do this? The true story of a German soldier who waged jihad against his army. So, listen to this 16 episodic Success story in Hindi and enjoy!


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