What is art? Art is expressing your feeling in a beautiful manner so that the audience could feel it and react to the art. Erotica is also an art. Through Erotica an artist puts forth the sexual feelings of the protagonists in such a way that the listener gets mesmerized and starts wanting it. You can get alluring podcasts on Hindi Erotica all for free. Podcasts are the most amazing thing and apt for today’s world as it gives pleasure without wasting your time. Besides listening to Erotica In Hindi is way better than listening to it in English as Hindi being mother tongue it appeals to us in a way no other language does.

Here are the two best erotic podcast in Hindi:

  1. Ye Aankhein:

Poets and writers have their own distinct style in erotic podcasts. They make you feel the reality with just words. They can make you lost in the world of imagination. Yeh Aankhen Podcast is also similar. In this podcast, the poet describes his girlfriend’s eyes. By listening to the way in which the poet has described his girlfriend’s eyes, you too will be forced to remember your lover. Listen to ye ankhein podcast now and dive in the ocean of love.

2. Poetry Podcast:

Poetry podcast is all about the feelings of the heart. Have you ever loved anyone? Have you felt that strange, sweet feeling for anyone? If yes, then this podcast is for you only. When you are in love, you start liking everything, you fall in love with everything related to your lover, this world starts to look very beautiful. You start dreaming of having a beautiful life with your lover. This podcast will make you feel like these many experiences. So listen to this podcast today and get lost in the ocean of love. You can also share this podcast with your lover, that too for absolutely free.


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