Why listen to Best Meditation Podcasts in Hindi? Are they beneficial? These are common questions that come in our mind when we think of practising meditation by listening to audio. Meditation podcasts are equally helpful in giving you knowledge about various meditation practices. Listen to the best meditation podcasts in Hindi only on Kuku FM. 

These podcasts are also available in Hindi. These podcasts harness your inner peace and make you feel relaxed. If you want to quiet the negative voice in your mind or if you want to stop that emotion which judges every single move you take throughout the day, then do listen to meditation podcasts, they are a lifesaver! Kuku FM has plenty of them each packed with little wisdom which will help you appreciate everything around you. 

Meditation podcasts teach you powerful meditation techniques that positively impact every area of physical and mental health and makes you a better human being. Most of the podcasts available on this platform welcome those who are searching for a practice. After listening to these podcasts you will be able to teach others about meditation. Isn’t it interesting? How can we find happiness in our lives? These meditation podcasts cover all your doubts. We have prepared this list of ’16 Best Meditation Podcasts in Hindi’. 

  1. Reading: A MEDITATION

In today’s day and age where we are burdened with all kinds of pressure causing stresses and anxieties. Meditation and Mindfulness are considered as a solution to our everyday stress in this pressure cooker lifestyle. It’s almost cliche to talk about meditation and mindfulness as we can notice almost everyone talking about it. In this episode, we have discussed a unique way to practice mindfulness and meditation by adding Reading Habit in our daily routine. Find the methods inside this podcast. 

  1. Signs of high emotional intelligence

What are those five qualities which make you different from others? If you possess high emotional intelligence then you do also possess these five qualities. But have you ever thought about what high emotional intelligence is? How do some people easily manage their emotions? How do some people easily start friendly interactions with others? This podcast will answer all these questions. Listen to this amazing podcast to know the answers. 

  1. हर बात पर ना करो रिएक्ट

This podcast is one of our best meditation podcasts available in Hindi in our catalog. This story is created by RJ Khanak. RJ Khanak is a prominent personality known for anchoring meditation stories, a meditation coach. Meditation and mindfulness should be practiced by everyone. You will get to know why you should not react to everything as not everything should matter to you. There are various reasons so listen now to know more about them. 

  1. अतिसूक्ष्मवाद क्या नहीं है

We will discuss in this meditation podcast about what Minimalism is not and what is the end goal of everyone following Minimalism? This podcast is created by Upasna. It extends the psychological help that one needs to come out of intellectual or emotional suffering. The man falls prey to his high self-expectation and becomes sad. It is that moment when you need some words that motivate you from inside. So listen to this podcast to keep your morale high. 

  1. How to take right decision at right time?

We all make many decisions in our day today life but some of our decisions have a big impact on our life. Decision making is an important skill which is not possessed by all but can be developed. This particular podcast will pinpoint major 5 mistakes which people usually make while making a decision and you should learn to ignore those mistakes. 

  1. Characteristics of Aries 

ARIES- Their Personality, Likes, Dislikes, Strengths, Weaknesses, Relationships, Career, Positive Points & Negative Points. All about them. #tarotguidekirronarya Characteristics of Aries  from our show Tarot Readings By Kirron Arya is one of our best meditation podcasts available in Hindi. Not only about Aries you can find various podcasts by Kirron Arya on all other zodiac signs to know about your astrology. 

  1. How to Meditate: The Solution To Your Mental Health Problems

Have you heard about meditation but don’t know how to do it? Do you want to reduce stress, anxiety, and increase your productivity? Meditation takes you within yourself. Meditation isn’t very hard. In fact: if you can breathe, you can meditate. Learn how to meditate, as taught by the Buddha, with these easy-to-follow guides listed in this podcast. This podcast talks about why, how, and when you should meditate to improve your life.

  1. तेरा मंगल मेरा मंगल सबका मंगल होय रे

This story is created by Pradeep. Pradeep is a prominent personality known for anchoring meditation stories, a meditation coach. Meditation and mindfulness should be practiced by everyone. It not just calms your thoughts but also drives you off all the negativity and gives you the utmost positive vibes. Meditation helps you to get over the daily stress you face and improves your sleeping habits. You will listen to positive prayers throughout this podcast. 

  1. 3 things you should never ever do in morning

This podcast is created by the life tuner. The life tuner is well known for it’s meditation podcasts. The Life Tuner extends the psychological help that one needs to come out of intellectual or emotional suffering. This podcast will tell you that it’s okay to wake up late but what matters is what you do after waking up and that will positively affect your life. 

  1.  Bhojan ka rahasy

This story is created by Osho. Osho is a prominent personality known for anchoring meditation stories, a meditation coach. It is a matter of great interest. People understand that fasting is within and food is outside. But one cannot fast without food. If you continue to eat all day, then the hunger will also die, the fun of the food will also go away. This means that the juice of meditation is in the thought, the more you would have thought, the more the desire for meditation would have arisen. 

  1. छोटी छोटी खुशियां छोटे छोटे ग़म

What is true happiness and little happiness, Little joys, little sorrows. Learn to remain happy and live a joyful life even if you are alone and celebrate your mind. This podcast will train your mind in such a way that you will learn a lot of things about little happiness and sorrow. This podcast is created by RJ Khanak. 

  1. Best way to increase focus

It is becoming difficult to focus in our day today on one particular thing but it’s very important to focus when you work. This particular podcast will tell you such ways which will help you increase your focus. This story is created by the life tuner.

  1. क्या खाना और कितना सोना चाहिए – Sadhguru

In this podcast sadhguru will tell you how food quality and quantity affects our sleep. He will asli suggest such food which will make your mind sharp and focused. He will also tell you how many hours sleep is sufficient for a healthy mind and body. This podcast is created by Spiritual Ascension.

  1. कुछ नहीं है , बस शिवा है

If you want to know how Lord shiva got his name and what is the real meaning of his name? Then, listen to the meditation podcast ‘Kuch Nahi Hai Bas Shiva Hai’ in Hindi on our online platform. This online podcast consists of many interesting facts related to Lord Shiva history, you will also get to know how he is present everywhere at the same time. This podcast is composed by Akshay Trehan.

  1. Kaise Banye Rakhe Jeevan Mein Anand Ko?

This podcast will help you live life with positivity. It not only talks about self-motivation but also, how to keep up with a positive attitude. This podcast will help you fight with negativity and bring a motive, and will also teach you how you can keep yourself happy even at your lowest point of time. This podcast is created by RJ Riddhi. 

  1. Self Connect

Ever wondered how to talk to yourself, get in touch with what your mind is thinking but were unable to put it in clear words ? This podcast is for you. Simple tricks that help you communicate better. Self Connect  extends the psychological help that one needs to come out of intellectual or emotional suffering. This podcast is created by komal sheth.


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