Who doesn’t like ‘thrill’ in their life and specially the thriller podcasts. Almost everyone wants to do something thrilling in their life. In the same way, people love thriller stories and podcasts. The abandoned characters and heroism in a thriller story, their dramatic journey, action, suspense, growing curiosity, discomfort all keep us connected to the story. So it’s more fun to listen to than any other podcast. With this in mind, we’ve brought you 15 best thriller podcasts in Hindi language. We are sure that you cannot keep yourself away from these thriller podcasts. What is special is that you can listen to all these audiobooks for free in Hindi. You can also download it to your device for offline listening. Then definitely download these 25 Best Thriller Podcasts in Hindi and enjoy the thrilling journey you are about to start. 

Thriller Podcast

  1. Annabelle- True Story-What Really Happened

This is one of the best thriller podcasts made by Siddivya. In this podcast you will get to know that Annabelle is a doll owned by Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The doll resides in a glass box at The Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. This doll is one of the curses, so listen to it to know what happens next.

  1. Beirut Dhamake Ke Piche ki Sachhai

This podcast is created by Raj Shrivastava. The podcast will tell you everything behind the bomb last of Beirut that too only in ten minutes. How it was planned for six years and how it was executed and what happened later. This podcast is filled with thrill content.

  1. Raid के पीछे, एक टैक्स अफ़सर की ज़ुबानी

Munshi Premchand’s story ‘Namak Ka Daroga’ is an immortal tale of the challenges faced by an honest tax inspector. So this time in Puliya baji Show, we will tell what is the life of a young government officer after all? Why do some engineers and doctors still like to be a government officer even today? All this was told to us by Salil Bijoor, who is the deputy director in the Investigation Wing of the Income Tax Department. In this Podcast he will show unique ways to save tax. He also made some suggestions to improve the tax system.

  1. The Conjuring – True Story- What Really Happened

This podcast is made by siddivya, who is famously known for her thrilling podcasts. This podcast deals with the Real story of the movie “The Conjuring”. This podcast will tell you all about what really happened and how that spirit affected all the peoples around it. 

  1. The Girl On The Train

Listen to Sucharita Tyagi’s Not A Movie Review of The Girl On The Train. In this podcast you will get to know Director Ribhu Dasgupta takes a book ready-made for easy entertainment and turns it into an over sentimental mess, manufactured and fake like the terrible wound on Parineeti Chopra’s head.It talks in-depth about the different shades of Bollywood.


This is a podcast which will explain to you about a night that never ended and some weird things kept happening. Away from the city, amidst the dark black bushes, Where Smith Bengali is buried. This story is about Ramabai’s history. This story is created by Omkar Pawaskar. 

  1. Bioscope Karan Arjun

Revisiting Karan Arjun on its 26th Anniversary & Sharing some interesting facts about this movie. This show The Binge Watcher is one of our best podcasts available in Hindi. This podcast is created by Siddivya. Siddivya is well known for her thrilling cinema podcasts. Bioscope Karan Arjun is made for all those people who are big fans of Bollywood. 

  1. This Spanish Lady Surprised Me At Triund Top

Listen to the episode to know what Rushil Verma, Who by qualification – is an IT graduate and by profession, is a storyteller, a vlogger, traveler, trekker, digital content creator, and a Digital Marketer is really talking about. He has been traveling India for the last 3 years now and will be doing the same in coming years too. He shares his thrilling experience and in this podcast he met a Spanish Lady and he tells the story in his voice. 

  1. चिंता का एक दिन

In this podcast you will find out that affected by the everyday happenings around the country and the world, the central character of the story feels anxious. How can she take care of her mental health? How can she talk to her mother about the same? Find out in the story.

  1. Durgamati The Myth

So, Durgamati The Myth is a horror film, yeah? There’s a bhootiya haveli, a bhatakti aatma with unfinished business, mirrored in real life in our protagonist Chanchal Chauhan IAS, whose trapped in a prison cell, wrongfully incarcerated for her fiance’s murder. Just like bhatkti atma, Chanchal has no chill. Listen to the review to know more.

  1. Zee5| Nail Polish| Review

This podcast is created by Siddivya. Siddivya is well known for his/her सिनेमा podcasts. Zee5| Nail Polish| Review| is made for all those people who are a big fan of Bollywood. It talks in-depth about the different shades of Bollywood. 

  1. प्रेगनेंसी में चॉकलेट की लालसा क्यों?

This is one such podcast that is hard to miss. It is full of laughter, thrill, punches and jokes. Listening to these podcasts is a great way to keep all your worries at bay. Anyways, who wants stress? Laughter is a world-famous antidote for it. Our Stress-buster thrill comedy podcasts will leave you laughing for days and days. While listening you may also find a funny side of you. A shade of you that you forgot in this life of hectic schedules and competition.

  1. Who is Evil Santa? Evil Santa Origin Explained

Who is Evil Santa? Do you know anything about Evil Santa or Krampus? If not, then tuned into my show I will explain its origin & much more about him. This podcast is filled with thrill and is narrated in such a way that once you start the podcast you can’t stop yourself from listening to the whole story about the origin of Evil Santa. 

  1. Why Wildlife Tour Guides Are More Privileged Then Other Guides

Tour Guides can work in all sorts of locations. They are usually hired by tour operators, hotels, resorts, wildlife parks, cities, museums, or historical sites. Their main task remains essentially the same regardless of their work environment, to guide and show people around their designated locations. But Rushil Verma in this podcast will tell you why the wildlife tour guides are privileged and how their field work is filled with thrill. 

  1. VOOT|The Gone Game

VOOT| The Gone Game Starring: Sanjay Kapoor, Rukhsar Rehman, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Arjun Mathur, Indraneil Sen Gupta. Siddhant has given his powerful voice in this podcast. This podcast is created by Siddivya. In this podcast you will get to know how The Gone Game is one such thrilling movie which you should mandatorily watch if you are a fan of thrilling suspense stories. 


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