15 Best Indian Education AudioBooks in HindiEducation is important for each and every child in the country. Some of us are privileged to receive it. But the constant pressure of excelling in every subject is there. It is like a sword hanging at the top of our heads. And it constantly reminds us to top in every subject. Well, that is certainly not possible. audiobooks

The real motive of education is not reading through the books and mugging up formulas. Education is imparted through a range of mediums and not just books. It is pointless if a student is reading and still not understanding anything. Well for this the students need mentorship. But spending a lot of money on tuition and coaching centers is not always a good solution. For some students, it is not even financially possible.

The students must recall what they are learning and it is only possible when the students are taught in the right way. And this can be done by teaching some tips and tricks that can be followed while learning a subject. Learning something new every day is very important but knowing the real method of how to learn and recall things is also equally important. There’s always a different approach to everything and students must learn every aspect of the subjects.

Hence, we have a set of audiobooks that should be listened to by students. These are not just topics from different subjects but also include motivational audiobooks and tips and tricks to learn things and study better.

  1. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants in Hindi

  2. What makes ideas sticky?

  3. What is flow and how can you use it in your life?

  4. Structural Organisation in Animal in Hindi

  5. शिखर तक चलो in Hindi

  6. How to become a better communicator (The power of context) in Hindi

  7. The Feynman technique for faster learning in Hindi

  8. How to deal with jealousy? in Hindi

  9. चलो भाग्य से लड़े

  10. Rewire for massive success in Hindi

  11. Epic Measures in Hindi

  12. क्या अधिक अनुशासन रचनात्मकता को नष्ट कर सकता है ? in Hindi

  13. Do you have a personality to start an epidemic?

  14. One small step can change your life in Hindi

  15. How to deal with feedback and criticism?


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