Successful people do what they enjoy, as well as what they believe is best for their company. When you search up the definition of success in the dictionary, you’ll learn that it refers to achieving one’s goal or objective. So, in essence, anyone can succeed by simply completing their objective or goal.

Almost in all cases these objectives or goals are very difficult to achieve and need skills and discipline. These audiobooks will help you to acquire skills. It will inculcate discipline and most importantly inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals.  

1. Badi soch ke 10 fayde

The Magic of Thinking Big, first published in 1959, is a self-help book by David J. Schwartz. According to Forbes, it is one of the greatest self-help books. Thinking big widens your horizons, taking you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Practice putting this thinking into effect, and take action. Put no limits on your goals. Go for bigger and better, and have the passion, drive and energy to make your dreams into reality. Go, listen to this audio course now!

2. 18 Ways to Enlighten Yourself

The Monk who sold his Ferrari: The 7 Stages of Self-Awakening is a book by Robin Sharma. Learn 18 exclusive Lessons to an enlightening Life in this version of the Best-Selling book. Ways to enlighten yourself is the audio version of the monk who sold his ferrari which in known world wide and does not need any introduction.

3. Vartaman mein rehne ke 10 tareeke

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment is a book by Eckhart Tolle. Learn 10 exclusive lessons to a fulfilling life in this audiobook version of the best-selling book.

4. How To Earn Extra Income

Ankur Warikoo, a prominent personality is here to share his wisdom on topics such as how to ear extra money, investment portfolios, stock market etc. learn from him by listening to him and use his tips to help your money grow. 

5. Three Feet From God

Inspired by Napoleon Hill’s masterpiece ‘Think and Grow Rich’, this book is a collection of inspirational stories for those who stood firm in tough times and became inspirational heroes of the future generation. Know those inspiring things that can make a difference in your life. Listen now to the audio book ‘ ‘Three Feet From God’’ only on Kuku FM.

8. Super Success Ke Golden Rules

The book ‘Golden Rules of Super Success’, written by Napoleon Hill, tells of the success of the great riches like Carnegie, Ford and Edison. How this top businessman who once lived in a hut became a millionaire. There are many inspirational examples in this book, which inspires you to increase your confidence and move forward. Listen to ‘Golden Rules of Super Success’ now on Kuku FM and build your life.

9. Good As Gold

Your confidence and the hidden powers within you are the keys to your success. The book written by Napoleon Hill tells about the important things that successful people use. By adopting those special things given in the book, you too can become a successful and happy person. So what’s the delay, listen to ‘Maxim Success’ full book only on Kuku FM.

10. How to crack an interview

Your dream job is just 1 good interview away! But this is the hardest part after all. Come, let us know the answers to some such questions, whose answers you will be able to give in the next interview.

11. Pavitra Ramayan Se 11 Seekh

 As the name suggests the audiobook narrates the most important seven morals of Ramayana. Do listen to this audiobook and learn fantastic interpretations of Ramayana.

12. Mahabharat

Listen to the audiobook of Mahbharata, you may be knowing the story of Mahbharata  but this is interpretation will open your eyes and help you understand our history in depth.

13. Radio Jockey Kaise Bane 

The world of radio is unknown to the common man! But its glamor speaks loudly! So Kuku FM brings to you the world behind the microphone! Urmin, one of the most talented RJs in this world, will tell what this world is, how to be a part of this world! As RJ Urmin, he has a wonderful career. Her afternoon show, which started on Fever 104 in 2009, is number one. They are India’s biggest music talk show.

14. PM Modi Ke Unsunne Raaz 

The secrets of the life of Narendra Modi and that wonderful incident that made a common country servant and RSS worker the Chief Minister and then the Prime Minister. In this audio you will know some such secrets of PM Modi which are still hidden from the eyes of the world.


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