It is rightly said that – empowerment through education is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. It plays a vital role in our lives. No matter which gender or section of society we belong to. Where so many students in India struggle to top in their exams there are some students who don’t get enough education. There can be a lot of reasons, poor mentorship, financial issues, etc. But that should not stop learning. Because learning is a constant process that does not require any specific medium. One can learn from a number of mediums. One of them is educational podcasts in Hindi which can help you in studies without consuming much time.

Importance of education

Education is very important. With education, we can do lots of things. Education is the basic requirement nowadays for everything that we wish to do. If we need to work, our employers will ask about our education. And most importantly, there is no specificity. It is imparted in so many ways. There is limitless education available and one doesn’t need to depend on a specific teacher. Also, there are a number of topics that can be covered online. The main reason being, we need to be alert and aware of things that affect our daily life.

There are  best Indian educational podcasts available on sites such as Kuku fm which can help in keeping yourself updated.  It is the need of all human beings to know about what is happening so that they can plan for the future and take any steps to counter immediate problems and situations. Nowadays there is a vast choice of education. People can study to become engineers, doctors, accountants, computer experts, government servants, and many other professions.

Education is essential for both men and women to understand every aspect of life. Today, the criteria and the theme of education is entirely different than earlier. Many national programs are also promoting education and making it accessible. Education in society mitigates all the differences and giving responsibilities, duties, social and human rights as well. For you to educate your-self we have picked up 14 best Hindi Indian educational podcasts

Indian Educational Podcast
credits – we are teachers

There is a range of educational podcasts that you can listen to,and get educated. You get to know a lot of things about learning and how to recall topics. Below given are 14 Best Indian Education Podcasts in Hindi

  1. How to develop wisdom
  2. Male vs Female Psychology
  3. Why outer-space appear beautiful to us
  6. Law of attraction & Psychology of Visualization in Hindi
  7. शिक्षा पर बात in Hindi
  8. टेस्टिंग, वैक्सीन, और इम्युनिटी: कोविड१९ इन्फेक्शन को ख़त्म कैसे करें? in Hindi
  9. पर्सनल ब्रांडिंग क्या है?
  10. Talk on Climate Change in Hindi
  11. ग्लोबल फाइनेंशियल मार्केट बराबर असर in Hindi
  12. The most Indian foreigner – Karl Rock in Hindi
  13. Corona Virus: Aakhir, zimmedar Kaun? in Hindi
  14. Ellora Caves – made by aliens? in Hindi


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