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10 reasons to host your podcast on Kuku FM !

A podcast is an audio platform that provides you a stage to showcase the magic of your voice. If you also want to create a podcast and showcase your talent then Kuku FM can be a good option for you. Hosting a podcast on a great platform is also important. A good platform helps the creator in multiplying the benefits he/she gets.

Kuku FM is a platform where the creator gets so many benefits and also some cool features. Kuku FM helps the creators to grow more and more. What to know how and why! We will tell how 10 reasons to host your podcast on Kuku FM in this article.

1. Free hosting

You don’t have to pay money at Kuku FM to host your podcast. Hosting a podcast is absolutely free here. Many other podcast hosting platforms charge fees for hosting but you can host your podcast at Kuku FM free of cost. You will never have any need to pay money here.

2. 28 million-plus users

Kuku FM has more than 28 million downloads on Google Play Store. 1 lakh people listen to podcasts at Kuku FM almost every single day. So you can be assured that you will not lack listeners at Kuku FM.

3. A platform for vernacular languages

This feature differs Kuku FM from the rest of the podcast hosting platforms. Along with Hindi and English, you can also hear podcasts of Marathi, Bangla, and Gujarati here. So many people hear the regional podcasts. If you know any regional language and want to create a podcast in it, Kuku FM is a great platform for it.

4. In-app recording and editing feature

Kuku FM cares for its creators in many ways. To create a podcast, a recording mic is necessary. But if you don’t have a mic, then you can use the in-app recorder. You have no need to purchase a mic from the market. It is cost-effective and time-saving as well.

5. Performance-based rewards

You can also earn money by making a podcast at Kuku FM. To know more about podcast monetization, click here. The better you will perform, the more number of listeners you get. You will get rewarded accordingly. It means that you can earn money by hosting the podcast at Kuku FM.

6. Easy analytics

You can get the information of listens and downloads of your podcast at your profile. You get all the important information about your podcast easily at Kuku FM. Kuku FM provides weekly and/or monthly analytics reports to the creators. It is quite easy to understand and is very accurate.

7. Easy episode builder

You can easily create any podcast episode on Kuku FM. You can record episodes of any story by dividing it into parts. And also you can upload the episodes according to your wish. If there is any error amid the episodes, you can easily change it. This procedure is quite easy in Kuku FM as compared to other platforms.

8. Episode schedule

Many creators record the episodes in advance and want to publish them later. In such a scenario, Kuku FM provides the facility for scheduling the episodes. You can publish the episodes whenever you want, other platforms usually don’t provide this option.

9. India’s largest vernacular community

Many creators from different languages create podcasts on Kuku FM. There is a community of theirs. We organize frequent workshops. A budding creator learns a lot in them. And also, they get a chance to connect with renowned creators directly.

10. Guide and support just a call away

Kuku FM’s community managers are always ready to help you. You can get the solution to any problem in just one call. From uploading the podcast to monetizing it, if you have any problem, you can get the solution here. our team is always there with you.

so, these are some cool features that are solely made for the creators of Kuku FM. You can get so many benefits by creating a podcast at Kuku FM. You will get help from starting till the end, wherever you need. And also Kuku FM will try to find out the solution if you face any kind of unique problem.


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