10 Best Indian Literature AudioBook in HindiLiterature plays a key role in storytelling. It has various aspects of storytelling covering a range of things like culture, religion, philosophy, etc. But literature not only deals with plain stories but the story told in a number of ways like sonnets, poems, short stories, and novels. For those who love literature are well aware of the mediums of storytelling through literature audiobook. With changing times, the ways of storytelling have developed. But even today, the classics that were written in the 17th and 18th centuries are read today. This shows that time has got no impact on the stories. The world of literature houses thousands of stories narrated in written forms. These stories are taught in schools, colleges, or passed through novels and collection of stories.

A fan of literature can never get bored of classics no matter what language it is. There are so many famous writers both in Hindi and English. Some of them being Munshi Premchand, Rabindranath Tagore, Shakespeare, O Henry, and many more. The number of these authors is endless just like their stories. Taling about the genre, the major genres in literature are religion, philosophy, and culture. And under these three categories, so many stories are written. These stories talk about different religions, ideologies, and cultures of different countries and states. And thus these genres are covered through stories. Literature is all about storytelling.

Hence, to fulfill your passion for literature and stories, we have a set of literature audiobooks.

1. Chanakya Niti in Hindi

This audiobook talks about the various principles of Chanakya who was the minister at Chandragupta Maurya’s court. He was a renowned scholar of the Mauryan Dynasty. Listen to this audiobook that narrates his ideologies also known as Chanakya Niti.

2. प्रेमचंद – मानसरोवर भाग 1 in Hindi

Munshi Premchand is well known for his short stories. His stories talk about rural India and the cultures prevalent there. Every story written by him has some of the other moral attached to them. To listen to his amazing short stories listen to this audiobook.

3. थॉमस हार्डी की लोकप्रिय कहानियाँ in Hindi

Thomas Hardy is a well known English author and he has written some amazing stories in English. To listen to his stories in Hindi listen to this audiobook.

4. Chandrakanta in Hindi

Chandrakanta is a very famous story that we have watched in TV shows and read in books. Listen to this audiobook that narrates the story of Chandrakanta in Hindi.

5. आघात | लेखिका – डॉ कविता त्यागी in Hindi

Listen to this amazing story in the form of an audiobook.

6. चार्ल्स डिकेंस की लोकप्रिय कहानियाँ

Charles Dickens is a very famous writer. He is well known for writing children’s novels.

7. माँ कहती थी | लेखिका – मुमताज खान in Hindi

Listen to this Hindi audiobook. To listen to this amazing literature audiobook.

8. चाँद की चाहत | लेखक – प्रभु दयाल मंढइया ‘विकल’ in Hindi

To listen to this amazing story on Hindi, listen to this amazing literature audiobook.

9. गोदान के बाद | लेखक – प्रभु दयाल मंढइया ‘विकल’ in Hindi

Hindi stories have their own beauty. Listen to this amazing audiobook now.

10. भारत की रचना | लेखक – शरोवन in Hindi

Bharat ki Rachna is an amazing Hindi story. Listen to this literature audiobook in Hindi.

These handpicked literature audiobooks are worth listening to. Listen to these amazing literature audiobooks in Hindi on Kuku FM.


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