Horror Podcasts are the best way to experience the creepy, supernatural and the harrowing silence, screams and the sounds of blood-shed. Kuku Fm brings you the best No-sleep podcasts in Hindi. Listening to our collection of Scary podcasts will certainly chill your spine. We offer you a variety of content from slasher horror to monster horror. We have all genres and subgenres of the horror podcasts in Hindi.  All the supernatural podcasts in our catalogue are nerve-wrecking and ghosting enough to take you on a roller coaster ride. Listen to all of our best Scary podcasts on our website either online or download them in mp3 file format. 

Here’s the list of top 10 Horror podcasts in Hindi:

  1. रहस्यमयी शंकु

Whether the sea is of water or sand, there are many secrets buried under it. There are some secrets about which the world does not know much, and if the world knows, then what secret? Anant, who came to Rajasthan for the shooting of a film, is confronted with one such old secret. He finds a strange thing in the desert and then begins an exciting journey;  But upon reaching the destination, it is known that this is not the destination, it is just the beginning. Listen to the Rahshyamyi Shanku podcast now.

  1. The Conjuring – True Story- What Really Happened in Hindi

The Conjuring is a film based on a true incident. In this film, a happy family comes to live in a new house and as soon as they come there, the family is caught by the ghosts. Was that house cursed, how did the happy family come into so much trouble. Although the film has shown a lot of truth in this film, there are still some things in “The Conjuring” that no one knows. In this podcast, you will get to know all those things which were not mentioned in this film as well. So what are you waiting for, listen to this podcast now.

  1. शर्त

Kabir believes that there are many types of forces in the world that make an impact even when they are not visible. But his friends Shailesh and Jai do not believe this, and challenge him to prove this, and then the dreaded game of betting begins. The game was not as straightforward as it seemed.  This story is very exciting, there is a new twist at every step. To know the full story, listen to this podcast till the end.

  1. Bulbul

This podcast describes the movie Bulbul. This movie is directed by Anvita Dutt, who also worked as a dialogue writer in Queen and Housefull. A girl named Bulbul is married into a wealthy, popularly known as ‘zamindar’ family in the year 1881. After introducing all characters, the movie takes a jump of 20 years into the future. This movie shows a period supernatural tale set in Bengal which centres on the folklore of chudail, a woman who rises from the dead after an unnatural death. Listen to this podcast to know more about the movie Bulbul.

  1. भूतिया अस्पताल

The people of Raini village leave that path deserted after the sun sets. If there is a lot of compulsion, then they form a flock and pass through there. They are afraid all the time that no ghost is overshadowed. The people of Raini village live like this. It is also claimed that in the middle of the night, there are sounds of owls crying. Listening to the sounds, it is as if someone has put a molten lead into the ear.  A haunted hospital is very popular in that village, people do not even go near it. After all, what happened that made that hospital ghostly?  To know this, just listen to this podcast now.

  1. खौफ: A horror experience

A night that never ended. Away from the city, amidst the deserted dark bushes, Smith Bungalow, where the burial is the dreadful shadow of Ramabai’s history, a creepy spirit whose secret is hidden in a silence. Do you want to know the secret, do you want to go to the mansion, which is calling you to feel awe.  If yes, then listen to this podcast till the end now.

  1. Annabelle- True Story-What Really Happened in Hindi

The Annabelle story is based on reality. Annabelle is a doll owned by Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The doll resides in a glass box at The Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. This doll is one of the cursed objects in this World. If you love to listen to horror stories then you should go for it. Listen to this story now and know the reality of the Annabelle doll.

  1. तस्वीरों की गवाही

Have you ever clicked photos with a camera?  If yes, then you can understand this podcast better. This story is about Ankit, He takes out his camera and starts clicking photos. He clicked many photos, everywhere. When he pulled out the reel and wanted to see the photos, he was shocked because only one of the many photos he clicked was okay and the rest of the photos were spoiled. How did this happen? Was there a ghost? To know, you must listen to this podcast till the end.

  1. Who is Evil Santa? Evil Santa Origin Explained in Hindi

Many of you will be excited about Christmas every year and share gifts with your friends.  Everyone wishes that Santa would come and make all their wishes come true. But do you know that there is also a counterpart of Santa, who punishes children. He is very scary and people are very afraid of this Santa, he is known as Evil Santa or Krampus. Who is Evil Santa? Do you know anything about Evil Santa or Krampus? If not, then tuned into this show, you will get to know its origin & much more about him.

  1. लाल

Many stories get entangled such that time is repeating the same story over and over, but time also wants to complete some stories and perhaps that was the reason that Kuldeep was put on the case of missing people from the city.  But soon Kuldeep came to know some things that were impossible to believe, but humans only have invented impossible words. How far will this discovery of Inspector Kuldeep take him? Will he be able to open this secret?  To know more, listen to this story to know.


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